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Texans Will Decide Matt Schaub’s Week 7 Status Later In The Week


Texans QB Matt Schaub was forced from Sunday’s game after injuring his ankle. On Monday, HC Gary Kubiak updated Schaub’s status.

“Matt is getting injections as we speak,” said Kubiak. “Leg, ankle, everywhere. But we probably got a little bit lucky there.”

Kubiak added that a decision regarding Schaub will likely be made at the end of the week.

“I’ll prepare both Case [Keenum] and T.J. [Yates],” Kubiak said.

Things do not get any easier for the Texans as they take on a ferocious Chiefs defense in Week 7. We’ll have more on the Texans quarterback situation in the coming days.


Ian Rapaport of NFL Network reports that the Texans will keep a very short leash on QB Matt Schaub during Sunday’s game against the Rams.

HC Gary Kubiak is giving Schaub one last chance to redeem himself after several rumors suggested the team was close to naming T.J. Yates the team’s starter earlier in the week.

In fact, Rapoport reports that Kubiak nearly replaced Schaub with Yates this week, as it’s “not fair” to Schaub’s teammates to keep turning the ball over on a consistent basis.

Scahub has thrown for nine interceptions, four of them being pick-six in the last four games, and is expected to be benched at any time during the game if his turnover issues continue, according to Michael Silver.

Expect the Texans offense to rely heavily on the running game against a poor run defense, with an occasional play-action every now and then.

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