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Texans Have A “50-50 Chance” Of Re-Signing DE Mario Williams?

Pro Football Talk reports that a source with knowledge of the situation have informed them that the Houston Texans have a “50-50 chance” of retaining DE Mario Williams.

This is much better odds than I would expect considering that the Texans have limited cap space to work with, on top of the fact that Williams will most likely receive some huge offers on the open market. Some previous reports have mentioned that Williams is as good as gone but I can understand why the Texans would try to get something done before the start of free agency. You never want to allow a star like Williams walk and while it may seem as though they’re deep in regards to their front-seven, a couple of injuries could easily have a dramatic impact on their effectiveness.

We have Mario listed as the #2 best available free agent in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

pixy Texans Have A "50-50 Chance" Of Re-Signing DE Mario Williams?

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