Texans HC Gary Kubiak Cleared To Leave Hospital, Expected To Miss Week 10’s Game


John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Texans HC Gary Kubiak has been cleared to leave hospital and return to his home.

Kubiak confirmed that he has been cleared to return to his home in a statement released on Tuesday.

“Doctors have told me I will make a full recovery but we have not determined when I will be cleared to return to the office,” Kubiak said. “Again, thank you for the support and concern.”

Kubiak is expected to miss Week 10’s game against the Cardinals, but should be back for the following week’s game.

It seems almost certain that the Texans would keep Wade Phillips in place as their interim head coach for as long as Kubiak is out.


Ian Rapoport reports that Texans HC Gary Kubiak what is called a transient ischemic attack (TIA), which is referred to as a mini-stroke.

  • According to Rapoport, this is treatable for Kubiak and TIAs often have no residual effects.
  • Rapoport adds that Kubiak should be able “recover quickly.”


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that sources have informed him that Texans HC Gary Kubiak was given Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), which is a protein that breaks down blood clots in people who suffer strokes.


Michele Tafoya was informed by the Houston Texans that HC Gary Kubiak did not suffer a heart attack.

“(Kubiak) had an episode at the end of the first half where he was lightheaded and dizzy,” Texas GM Rick Smith told NBC. “He is awake. Hopefully Gary is back with us tomorrow.


Houston Texans HC Gary Kubiak collapsed while walking to the locker room at the conclusion of the first half of Sunday night’s game.

NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya reported that Kubiak looked to be “extraordinary pain” and wasn’t able to open his eyes. Kubiak was, however, able to talk and thankfully the Texans’ medical was able to quickly react to a very concerning situation.

Kubiak never lost consciousness and was placed on a stretcher and taken to a local hospital, which is reportedly very close to the Reliant Stadium.

Tafoya adds that the decision to take Kubiak to the hospital was a precautionary measure and DC Wade Phillips will take over as the team’s head coach for the remainder of the game. Kubiak’s family left the stadium with him.

The Texans released a statement via their Twitter account regarding the situation:

We have no official update on head coach Gary Kubiak’s condition at this time. As more information becomes available we will inform you. Coach Kubiak has been taken to a local hospital, he is conscious and his family is with him

Only better place to collapse than an NFL sideline is in the hospital. #texans medical staffs well prepared with staff, medicine and equip.

We’ll have more updates as the news is available.

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