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Texans Lose WR Andre Johnson Again

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair hinted at the possibility that WR Andre Johnson could be out for a weeks but was hoping for the best.

They say it’s a hamstring, but a typical hamstring injury and not a severe type of injury,” said McNair following Sunday’s game. “Hopefully, it’s one we can deal with and he can be back in a couple of weeks.”

Johnson will undergo an MRI at some point today to determine the severity of the injury.

If I came back from what I came back [from] earlier in the season, I definitely feel like I can come back from this,” Johnson said. “I know it’s not as bad as the last injury I had, but I’m definitely worried about it. It just didn’t feel right.”

The 2011 season has been a huge disappointment for Johnson as he’s only managed to play in a few games this season. As soon as he’s ready to have a breakout game he suffers an injury to the other hamstring. But through all of this the Texans keep winning despite not having their starting quarterback or their Pro Bowl wide receiver.

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