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Texans Trying To Knock Mario Williams Socks Off With A Proposal?

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle mentions that Texans GM Rick Smith and VP of football administration Chris Olsen are currently trying to create some extra cap space in an attempt to offer DE Mario Williams a better deal.

Houston has already said that Williams remains their top priority but considering their depth on defense, it was assumed that they would be unable to allocate even more money to a position of strength. Then again, the Giants have done pretty well by maintaining a quality group of pass-rushers.

Williams has said that he would consider offering Houston a discount and mentioned that landing a record contract is not one of his priorities.

McClain mentions that the team will have to “knock his socks off” if they plan to get his attention and freeing up cap space really the only way to make that happen.

If Williams really is one of their top priorities and that’s not just them trying to convince the public that they did everything in their power before losing him, then means that C Chris Meyers is as good as gone.

We have Williams listed as the #5 best available free agent in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

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Chris Meyers went to the Pro Bowl as a starter.  What are you talking about he did a great job.  We have a great defensive group that are working well together.  We need to make sure that our quarterback stays protected up the middle.  Most of the rushes that got to the quarterback were safety blitzes.  Not sure what games you’ve been watching.

Mikey Roederer
Mikey Roederer

No offense Chris Myers….but Mario Williams is much more important to the team than your performance last year…

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