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The Giants Looking To Add Another Running Back

Dan Graziano of ESPN believes that the New York Giants “will miss Brandon Jacobs.”

Graziano’s point’s to Bradshaw’s injury history as one of the reasons that they’re going to have to find a solid replacement. The only problem is that there’s very little talent left on the open market. Graziano believes that they’ll ultimately target a veteran running back.

As of now, New York has Danny Ware and Da’Rel Scott as the obvious replacements but they could bring in someone like Joseph AddaiCedric Benson, and Ryan Grant.


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They should have made an effort to sign The Law Firm: BenJarvis Green-Ellis. The guys mentioned above are has beens looking for a paycheck, and Bradshaw, as good as he is, is not a full time running back. He needs a formidable partner.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. Slow playing the situation with Jacobs has left them with some undesirable options in the free agent market. It really seems like a better move to address the position in the draft rather than lean on someone like Benson who lead all RB’s in fumbles last year.


Don’t be surprised when the Giants do not fill the position and draft the highest ranked running back available in the draft. The Giants will only look for a veteran next season should they have an injury to one of there backs currently on the roster.

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