The Mike Holmgren Era In Cleveland Is Coming To An End

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Browns president Mike Holmgren will retire following season. He will be replaced by former Eagles president Joe Banner, which coincides with rumors that had been circulating since Jimmy Haslem emerged as the favorite to purchase the team.

This is probably a welcomed change of direction for Browns fans who expected Holmgren to turn their franchise around, but the team is currently still a work in progress. Cleveland is just 10-28 under Holmgren’s leadership, so he’ll hardly be remembered favorably amongst Browns fans.

Head coach Pat Shurmer will have a hard time securing his job as the team’s head coach beyond this season. It seems more likely that the Browns will start restructuring the team once the 2012 season has concluded. It will also be interesting to see how rookie QB Brandon Weeden finishes the season. If he ends up struggling throughout, the Browns could always elect to move in a new direction at some point down the road, seeing as he’s currently 29 years old.

pixy The Mike Holmgren Era In Cleveland Is Coming To An End

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