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Tim Tebow Prepared To Ask For Trade Or Release?

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News confirms that Tebow is likely to request a trade or to be released if McElroy does in fact start the final two games of the season.

Mehta adds that the Jets could release Tebow and only incur a “minimal” cap hit for doing so. Tebow’s set to make $2.6 million next season, so it seems likely that they’ll at least consider the idea of cutting him loose.


Jeff Darlington of NFL.com reports that a source close to Jets QB Tim Tebow mentioned that it’s  “highly unlikely” that he would be willing to sit behind Greg McElroy for the remainder of the season now that the team has decided to bench Mark Sanchez.

Darlington adds that New York could always elect to release Tebow rather than continue to field questions about his playing time.

According a Broncos source, the Jets, Jaguars and Rams all had interest in acquiring Tebow during the offseason, so there’s at least a chance he could catch on with one of those teams.

There’s still a belief around the league that Tebow is not capable of playing the position in the NFL, and what has transpired this season isn’t going to help his chances of finding a new opportunity, even though he’s from the Jacksonville area.


  • Patrick Cappiello

    Hate to see how they will treat Johnny Football Manziel when he gets drafted! Is he JUST a college talent too that will not make it in the NFL?

  • Patrick Cappiello

    He hasn’t been given much of chance in NY! Remember what he did in Denver? He won games!! Someone will let him play. I say the Rams should take him!

  • I was JAZZED when I first heard Tim Tebow was going to the Jets and with Tony Sparano ‘s spead offense / wildcat WOOWW the posibilities are unlimited. Unfortuantely the Jets just put Tebow in to run up the midddle like a 21st Century Larry Csonka.
    GOD help Tebow find his home! I bet Bill Billicheck and his Patriots could find a USE for Tim Tebow.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      I remember writing that this was in fact that best case scenario for Tebow back when the trade broke, but that obviously was not the case. You make a great point about how they’ve used him this season. I really thought Sparano had more up his sleeve than he’s shown this season. Rex Ryan’s decision to stand behind Sanchez through everything only complicated matters further because it never allowed them to give Tebow a fair shot at running the offense. I’m not saying that Tebow would have led that offense to the playoffs or even to 8 wins, but clearly the Jets front office and coaching staff need to be held accountable for this situation.

  • BC1968

    He’s not acting very christian like. He really has a high opinion of himself and he should stfu and be happy anyone even thinks of him.to be a 3rd quarterback. I can see it now, nobody asking for his services this off season.

    • Aaron Stewart

      What does that have anything to do with being a christian? The man wants to play and help his team win. You are an absolute moron. Tebow took the low life Broncos last year to the playoffs, what did Mark Sanchez do this year? Nothing except throw twice thee amount of interceptions than touchdowns. Tebow without a throwing arm, one games, and that is all he was asking for the chance to do, was play his game, and try to win a game. Has nothing to do with acting “Christian Like”. I dont think you know anything,

  • Paul Hickman

    I personally think Tebow is a bad-average QB. He is not this superstar everyone thought he would be. That crap he pulled in college doesnt work here in the NFL cause your not bigger than everyone anymore haha. However, I think he could be utilized somewhere. I really do. I have cutler on my bears. I would personally love to have him on our team… as a backup. I would have peace of mind knowing he was our backup and not campbell or mccown. I have a hard time seeing him as a starter except for terrible teams like eagles or chiefs, etc. Even though the bears are struggling we are better than a Tebow starting QB type of team. Most teams are better than needing Tebow as a starter.

  • Not many people followed Tim tenor in college like I did I think for one he should not have left the broncos he needs to understand it takes time to become an times to develop he needs to be patience because at the moment nfl teams are not going to give him the starting qb position

  • Morgan I.

    He just needs the opportunity. Why the Jets never gave it to him when Sanchez sucked it up is beyond me? No one gets better without game time experience. The same WR’s, defensive unit (although way less rested when Orton was at the helms of the offense), and running backs were at Denver last year when Tebow took over. He gave them the chance to win every game and is a big reason that that team went to the play-offs after everyone counted them out. Peyton is by far a superior QB, but he also has a greatly improved line to protect him, something that Tebow did not have during his tenure there. If you’re basing his play on the very limited time he has actually seen the field this year, that’s plain ignorance. No one can get in a rhythm when you’re in for one series, out for the next 50. He may not have the best throwing motion, although it has improved greatly since his collegiate career, but the guy always gives his team the chance to win when he is playing. The Jets were never a great fit for him, he should have gone where he could sit and learn from a good experienced quarterback (not Sanchez since he manages to throw interceptions, not touchdowns, on a consistent basis). He’s a leader on and off the field, very rare for athletes in this day and time. If anything, people should stop bashing him and support a guy like this for our kids to look up too, not one that has beat his wife/girlfriend, killed someone in a vehicle while intoxicated,continues to be sentenced by the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. for failed drug tests, or gets by by raping a young lady. If any of you watch Sportscenter or even the games, you can see the many balls that Tebow has thrown (not every single one of them, that’s unrealistic for any QB) has been on the money, yet dropped/missed by a reciever. Skip Bayless has stated that several times. Tebow may never be HOF, that’s not what I’m even close to saying. What I am saying is this: When he was given the opportunity in Denver, he ran with it and helped his team. Why are we even still arguing over “he can’t play that position” or “he’s horrible” when he’s given a team a playoff berth that would not have been possible with their starter?

    • allen labott

      Morgan, you are distorting the facts. First of all listening to Skip Bayless is your problem. If the receiver were as bad as you and Bayless think then why are they the leading receivers for Denver? What is the improvement of the offensive line? They are the same players who played with Tebow in 2011. If Tebow is as accurate as Skip and you claim he is, then why the under 47% completion rating? Yes some passes were dropped, every quarterback in the NFL suffers from that. Yet those quarterbacks still complete over 60% of their passes. How do you explain while running the Denver offense, Tebow fumbled the ball 13 times in 14 games. Is that what you want in the QB? As to the Jets, tebow had 6 weeks of training camp, then four weeks of preseason, and then 17 weeks of the season to win the starting QB position. Yet he did not, what were the Jets suppose to do just give it to him? I think giving any person 27 weeks to win the starting job is a lot of time for him to become the starting QB for the Jets. Especially when Sanchez had a really bad year. That alone speaks volumes of the skill set of Tim Tebow.

  • Clifford Burton

    In the 47 years that I’ve been watching professional sports I’ve never seen more fuss made over an athlete who was less talented than Timothy Richard Tebow. To me, he’s the NFL’s answer to former NBA stiff Jon Koncak–a reserve center chosen by the Atlanta Hawks with the fifth pick in the 1985 draft, As I recall. he was rewarded four years later with a 13 million dollar contract after compiling some of the most underwhelming stats I’d ever seen compared to his peers and his predecessors. So Tim Tebow wants to leave the Jets now that he’s about to be passed over in favor of the third string qb Greg McElroy?? LET HIM!!!! And hopefully the door won’t smack him on his ass on the way out…



    Santa Monica

  • Maybe there are a couple HIGH SCHOOL back ups they could trade him for..That is his QB talent level

    • Docken

      The guy is one of the best college QBs of all time. Good job showing everybody your ignorance.

      • Paul Hickman

        Actually bud, good job showing yours! College and NFL are WAY different. How do you think your IQ looks when you try to compare them? He only got away with that rushing bulls**t because he was bigger than most the people he was running against. Doesn’t work well on an NFL level. Lol. Danny was merely kidding but you have taken the retard cake.

        • Aaron Stewart

          The fact that you just said Tebow was bigger than most the popele he was running against is retarded. Tebow is not an all around bigger guy than most of the linebackers and ends in the game. He was elusive, could extend a play (without an accurate throwing arm) and managed to take his team to the playoffs. Head to the NFL and pull off what Tebow did… until then, shut up.

        • carlc2210

          Actually you get both the retard cake and the blind, ignorant, don’t know WTF I’m talking about cake. All anyone with a brain needs to do is look at his performance with Denver to know he can play QB at the NFL level.

  • Whut Datytopsy

    tebow can play tight end if he wanted to.

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