Tim Tebow Starting In Week 7?

The one question that you can count on hearing come Monday morning in Denver is whether or not Kyle Orton will continue to be the teams starting quarterback.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson thinks that a change could happen following the Broncos bye week.

After every loss so far this season, Fox has spent Monday publicly sticking with Kyle Orton as his starter. After this blowout, I’m sure the cries for Tim Tebow will be especially loud Monday,” writes Williamson. “The Broncos were down by 32 points Sunday and Fox still stayed with Orton. If the Broncos get blown out at home by San Diego on Sunday, their last game before the bye, I could see them considering a quarterback switch. You know the fans would be behind the move.”

The quarterback situation in Denver has become toxic as fans have already started purchasing billboards promoting Tim Tebow as Orton continues to struggle. Meanwhile, Brady Quinn may have earned a shot at starting but the fans aren’t asking for him. Instead their demanding that John Fox play third-string quarterback Tim Tebow. It’s really a disastrous situation all around.

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