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Tim Tebow Trade Update

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets’ trade for Tim Tebow will not be official until tomorrow because of another issue relating to Tebow’s contract.

Mehta mentions that Tebow is required to sign a re-written contract and remain on the the Broncos’ salary cap for 24 hours before the deal can be completed. The Jets are planning on introducing Tebow on Monday, so I’m sure there will be plenty coverage early next week regarding Tebow and the Jets.

Gary Meyers of the New York Daily News reports that Tebow’s decision to come to the Jets had more to do with the fact that he “sees a clear path” to becoming the starting quarterback in New York.

There’s no doubt that this will apply a lot of pressure to Mark Sanchez now that he’ll have to learn a new system, show plenty improvement next season, and somehow hold off the calls for Tim Tebow to take over as the teams’ starting quarterback. That’s a lot of pressure for anyone to handle so I can see why Tebow feels like he’ll get a legitimate shot at taking over at some point.

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YIKES …… TEBOW, THE JETS FANS and REX breathing down your NECK. Ask for a TRADE to MIAMI. At least the HEAT will be REASONABLE Mr. SANCHEZ.!!!!!!

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