Titans Players Concerned About OC Chris Palmer?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that a league source has informed him that Titans players are “grumbling” about second-year offensive coordinator Chris Palmer.

Despite the fact that Palmer has coached at the NFL level for over 20 years, he doesn’t have much in the category of notable success. In fact, Florio notes that his biggest success was with the 2007 Giants as their quarterbacks coach.

Tennessee’s offense is clearly struggling, or at least not playing up their perceived ability. Blaming a first-round pick or a running back that’s making big money seems to be harder than pointing the finger at the guy who is responsible for their offensive scheme. Considering that we’re still in Week 1, it’s hard to speculate that changes could be coming, but this is clearly something to pay attention to over the course of the season, assuming that their offense continues to struggle.

pixy Titans Players Concerned About OC Chris Palmer?

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