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Titans To Be Aggressive In Pursuit Of High End Free Agents

Jason Cole reports that the Titans are panning to be “extraordinarily aggressive” in free agency this offseason.

Cole mentions that no matter what the Titans do at quarterback — keep Zach Mettenberger or draft either Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota at No. 2 overall — they are going to be very cheap in terms of the quarterback position.

Because of this, Cole Tennessee has the ability to target “high end” free agents like DE Greg Hardy, DT Ndamukong Suh, and possibly CB Darrelle Revis if he’s available.

According to Cole, the goal for the Titans is to bring in impact players this offseason and in turn raise the viability of the franchise.

OverTheCap.com has Tennessee projected to have the fifth most cap space of any team in the league with over $46 million available to spend, so there’s no question they can get some players attention if this is really their goal.

However, the Titans have struggled for a long time now, which could inhibit their ability to real in big ticket free agents that will have a number of opportunities.

There’s so much cap space available this year that it’s unlikely many notable free agents will be swayed by money alone. That’s not to say that the Titans can’t get some great players, but they will need to have a good sales pitch to feel confident in the bidding for marquee talent.

Here’s our Top 100 Free Agents list in case you want to get an idea of who’s available in free agency.


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