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Tom Brady Expected To Receive “Heavy Suspension” That Will Be Reduced To 2-3 Games By Appeal

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report has spoken to NFL officials who expect Patriots QB Tom Brady to be suspended this week, which fits with numerous reports from the past week.

According to Cole, the specific number of games the Patriots could be without Brady remains unknown at this point in time. However, Cole’s sources have mentioned that Brady is likely to receive a “heavy suspension” somewhere between 4-8 games from the NFL for his role in Deflategate.

Brady is widely expected to appeal any suspension handed down from the league, which leads Cole to believe Brady will end up serving two to three games when all is said and done.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is reportedly trying to use this incident to make it clear around the league that this type of incident will not be tolerated.

Cole adds that even Goodell is trying to make a point with the punishment handed down, he still doesn’t want Brady or any other star player suspended for a large portion of the season.

Reports from over the weekend mentioned that the league is likely to announce Brady’s suspension and potential punishment for the Patriots at some point this week.

We’ll provide updates regarding possible discipline as the news is available.


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The NFL under Goodell continues to look incompetent. 1) Why allow teams to have any control over footballs. The MLB does not allow their pitchers to take the ball into the dugout after an inning is over. 2) Their investigation was most likely a witch hunt. Well is connected to the NFL and hardly independent 3) The report shows the Colt balls were also deflated, but never bothered to investigate why. A real, fair investigation would have done that. 4) The evidence against the Patriots is skimpy at best. Even the report is forced to use the word ‘probable.’ Whatever… Read more »
Christopher Skoff

Lol ….you obviously haven’t followed football last 8 years…..perennial cheaters who hadn’t won a superbowl (until luckily this year) after getting caught for spying



Prediction: The appeal will reduce the 4 game suspension to 0 games. Take it to the bank. Then what will people say?


The fact there is no evidence and the fact they are planning to reach on a suspension kmowing it will be reduced shows they have no real case. How ab punishing the referees that didnt do their job that would have avoided all of this….


Suspending the player is insane. The organization that is on their 3rd or 4th cheating violation (snow thrower, spy-gate, deflate-gate, formation-gate, etc.) should be given a stern punishment in the form of nuking an entire draft. That will set their organization back and send a clear message. Instead we’ll see another gutless Goodell moment.

Michael Maloney
LOL that is just dumb. something that happened over 30 years ago (the snowplow game) should have an impact on what happens now? Formation-gate, as you put it, was not a thing. that was a legal formation for the 2014 season. bob kraft purchased the team in the early 90s and only 2 incidents in 20 plus years. i would not exactly call that a pattern of cheating. here is the most important point, and clearly the one you are missing. 3 teams were caught tampering with footballs in the past 2 seasons. the chargers in 2012 with some sort… Read more »
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