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Tom Brady’s Extension Will Have “No Impact” On Joe Flacco’s Contract

Initial speculation following Tom Brady‘s recent three-year contract extension suggested that it could have an impact on the current negotiations between Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens.

Well, according to Flacco’s agent Joe Linta, it will have “no impact whatsoever.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Linta, via USA Today. “It’s an extension for cap purposes. And we don’t know all the details at this point. The bottom line is, whether Brady took a pay cut or took $27 million a year, it wouldn’t have an impact on what we’re doing. We’ve determined a number that we think is fair with respect for the Ravens’ cap situation.”

Linta mentioned that negotiations between the two parties are “going fine” and added that there are no new meetings schedule as of now.

“Nobody yelled,” Linta added. “We’re moving forward. This thing could be done in three minutes or three years.”

It was reported a few days ago that the Ravens could elect to go with the non-exclusive franchise tag if they’re unable to agree to a long-term extension.

We have Flacco listed as the No. 1 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

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