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2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List

Here’s our Top 50 list of 2013 NFL Free Agents.

  • 2013 NFL Free Agents list
  • Top Free Agents: 51-100
    • F =  Franchise tag 2012


Top 50 – 2013 NFL Free Agents
Rank Player Team Pos. Age Status
1 . Mike Wallace greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List MIA WR 27 F
2 . Cliff Avril greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List SEA DE 26 F
3 . Greg Jennings  MIN WR 29
4 . Paul Kruger greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List CLE OLB 27
5 . Sebastian Vollmer NE OT 28
6 . Dashon Goldson TB S 28 F
7 . Andy Levitre TEN G 27
8 . Michael Bennett SEA DE 27
9 . Jake Long STL OT 28
10 . Andre Smith  CIN OT 26
11 . Aqib Talib  NE CB 27
12 . Wes Welker  DEN WR 32 F
13 . Sean Smith greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List  KC CB 26
14 . Jared Cook greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List STL TE 26
15 . Jermon Bushrod CHI OT 29
16 . Tony Gonzalez ATL TE 37
17 . Danny Amendola   NE WR 27
18 . Martellus Bennett CHI TE 26
19 . Steven Jackson  ATL RB  30
20 . Louis Vasquez  DEN G 26
21 . Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie  DEN CB 27
22 . Philip Wheeler MIA OLB 28
23 . Desmond Bryant  CLE DT 27
24 . Glover Quin greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List DET S 27
25 . Dannell Ellerbe greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List MIA ILB 27
26 . Louis Delmas DET S 26
27 . Phil Loadholt MIN OT 27
28 . Chris Houston DET CB 28
29 . Brent Grimes MIA CB 30 F
30 . Kenny Phillips PHI S 26
31 . Gosder Cherilus IND OT 29
32 . Osi Umenyiora ATL DE 31
33 . Alan Branch  BUF DT 28
34 . Dwight Freeney SD DE/OLB 33
35 . Dustin Keller MIA TE 28
36 . Ed Reed greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List  HOU S 34
37 . Reggie Bush  DET RB 28
38 . Daryl Smith  BAL OLB 31
39 . Keenan Lewis  greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List NO CB 27
40 . Connor Barwin PHI OLB 26
41 Ricky Jean-Francois greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List IND DT 26
42 . Derek Cox SD CB 26
43 Eric Winston  OT 29
44 . LaRon Landry DEN S 28
45 . Fred Davis WAS TE 27 F
46 . Mike DeVito  KC DE 29
47 . Ahmad Bradshaw  NYG RB 27
48 . Adam Jones  CIN CB 29
49 Delanie Walker greenUpArrow 2013 NFL Free Agents: Top 50 List TEN TE 29
50 . Antwan Barnes NYJ OLB 28

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George m.

A. Bradshaw’s still not picked up ? New York made a mistake letting him go. He was a hard runner..I don’t think David Wilson is quite ready to carry the load… YET,but he is a game changer.

mike senior

Salary cap casualty along with Phillips we’ll miss them both and have to hope Wilson and Brown can step up in the running game–Ross, Webster, Brown, Anakamura? in the secondary.

brandon huffman

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Although ill be the first to admit jermon bushrod isnt a outstanding LT, he has made 2 pro bowls and LT is arguably the 2nd most important position in the game. i think he should be up around if not inside the top 20 certainly for pass oriented teams.

NFL Trade Rumors


Your points are well taken. Bushrod is a solid player, but his stock will be impacted by the sheer number of OTs available this year. If this was 2010 or 2011, there’s no doubt he would be in the Top 20. I’ve never since this much talent available at OT before. With that being said, franchise tags could eliminate a number of these guys. We’ll give Bushrod a bump up in the next few days, but he may not crack the Top 20 until after franchise tags.

Carlos I. Arboleda

GB should get Vollmer/Long for O-Line. Maybe think about Talib or Rodgers-Cromartie as CB


I’m not buying Richard Seymour being ranked 25th. I understand he has the notoriety and some rings, but his body and skill-set has been on the decline.

Yes, if he played 16 games he’d be on pace to have similar numbers to previous years, but two of his sacks came against putrid offenses with putrid QBs in the Jags and Chiefs.

NFL Trade Rumors

Great point. We’ll consider making some adjustments next week. Thanks for the input.


Unfortunately the only reason I know this is because of my love for the Raiders. Outside of that, no other complaints. Thanks guys.

NFL Trade Rumors

Haha! We appreciate hearing from fans of specific teams because more times than not, they can provide some interesting perspective on the organization and their deficiencies.

Ethen Ashcraft
Jarius Byrd should be the number 1 as he’s more valuable at his position than Clady is at his position in comparison to other players and FA at those positions. Henry Melton probably is too high because he’s only done this once, he could easily be a one hit wonder. Victor Cruz should take a hit for being a RFA since that makes him less accesible. Steven Jackson deserves to be a couple spots higher due to the fact that he is one of the few quality RBs on the market and arguably the only one that has been consistent,… Read more »
NFL Trade Rumors
Ethen thanks for the comment. Some real good points here. We don’t factor in the addition cost for restricted free agents, which is something that we probably should adjust for. I’m glad you pointed that out. Jarius Byrd is awesome! He’s certainly in the discussion for being the No. 1 overall player, but given how dominate Ryan Clady has been and the fact that he’s only 26, makes it really hard to overlook him for the top spot, at least from my perspective. Melton played over 600 snaps and graded out as No. 16 overall player in 2011 and this… Read more »
Tom Herman

Joe Flacco ( if he ever hit the market which he won’t) is by far the most desirable free agent. He is the only average+ qb on the market, and at least 10 teams would be drastically improved by him. Its supply and demand – there is no supply and lots of demand.

NFL Trade Rumors

Great point Tom. There’s no question that Flacco would have a whole list of teams ready to make serious offers if does in fact become available.


Umm, it won’t be any time soon because Flacco just signed a 121 million dollar contract so he will be with the Ravens until he’s an old man.

NFL Trade Rumors

You’re responding to a comment that was made awhile ago.

Jacob Cox

How do you have Andre Smith Ranked so high? Not to mention he’s ranked higher then Jake Long and Brandon Albert. Andre Smith is an average at best right tackle, which hold little value in comparison to left tackles. Jake Long and Brandon Albert are two of the more talented left tackles in the game. Also Phil Loadholt is a better right tackle then Andre Smith…

NFL Trade Rumors
Jacob, this is a very good question that should help to shed some light on our methodology for this list. Our Top 50 list takes into account a number of variables such age, position value and overall performance. Andre Smith got off to a terrible start with the Bengals, but has really turned things around in a dramatic way the last two years. Because there isn’t much to work with in terms of stats for offensive lineman as well as other positions, we decided to factor in Pro Football Focus’ ratings for each free agent. Here’s a look at the… Read more »

Cowboys need offense linemen badly.

Jason Ray DuBose

aint that the truth but they are in Salary Cap Pergatory. They are going to have to get creative just to get under the cap. Maybe through the draft if we are lucky. Wish we could do something with Doug Freis bloated contract.


this is all bullshit jake long would have been way up if he didnt get injured smith sucks how is he rated so high its stupid

NFL Trade Rumors
John, I get your spirited concerns regarding Andre Smith and the fact that we have him ahead of Jake Long. Our rating take into consideration a number of factors like age, position value and performance. Since OL positions don’t offer great stats to measure a player’s performance, we rely on Pro Football Focus for ratings for each player in the list. Above you’ll see a breakdown of why Smith gets the edge over some of the other OTs in this year’s class. PFF rated him as the #4 OT in 2012 and the fact that he’s only 26 really helps… Read more »

Cliff Avril is the most overrated player mentioned and he’s number two. Just goes to show these aren’t experts when it comes to football.

NFL Trade Rumors

Pro Football Focus has Smith rated as one of the leagues best tackles and the fact that he’s younger helps his stock value. We’re by no means the only ones who are high on Andre Smith.

Kevin Legg

Andre Smith is the highest rated right tackle in the game. Do your fact checking before posting. Jake Long is a health risk and Albert doesn’t have the run blocking ability of Smith which is the corner stone of a right tackle. Albert is a better pass blocker though. (You run off the right side)

Doug Tozier

Aqib Talib is with NE now… how do you not have Wes Welker ranked at least no. 3? And Joe Flacco? no. 9? Realy? And how is he and half these guys higher ranked than Tony Gonzalez, Mike Wallace, or Stephen Jackson? There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to these rankings.

Doug Tozier

Aqib Talib is with NE now… how do you not have Wes Welker ranked at least no. 3? And Joe Flacco? no. 9? Realy? And how is he and half these guys higher ranked than Tony Gonzalez, Mike Wallace, or Stephen Jackson? There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to these rankings.

NFL Trade Rumors
Thanks for pointing out that Talib’s team hadn’t been updated. This list actually takes into account a number of variables when determining the rankings. We factor in ability, age, position value and their Pro Football Focus rating for the last two years. Wes Welker is an amazing WR, but NFL teams don’t pay players based solely on what they’ve done in the past. If that were the case, Welker would already have his long-term contract in place with the Patriots, but they’ve shown no signs of wanting to commit that kind of cash to him. Flacco is the only starting… Read more »
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