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Update Regarding The Trade Market For Robert Griffin III

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that league sources continue to mention that the Redskins continue “to rate as the frontrunner” to trade up with the Rams for the #2 overall pick in this year’s draft.

Washington is reportedly offering their first pick this year (#6) as well as their first-round selection in 2013 but aren’t willing to include their 2012 second-round pick. The Rams supposedly see this as an unacceptable stipulation on the part of the Redskins.

The report also mentions that the Browns are “unwilling” to include their #22 overall pick in a deal which is likely a sticking point for the negotiations.

Interestingly enough, Miami is said to have a lack of interest in dealing with Rams head coach Jeff Fisher after he spurned them for the St Louis.

As for the Seahawks, there’s “no chance” that they’ll be able to move up for Robert Griffin III because St Louis isn’t too keen on the idea of playing him twice every year.

This news seems to confirm what many believe to be the case. The Redskins are the front runner but the cautious interest from the other teams as well as the other complications like strained relationships and division rivals, makes it seem like the Redskins are actually bidding against themselves here. St Louis may have to give into the Redskins offer if they’re unable to find another willing to put forth a competitive offer or locate a mystery team.


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Rams are holding the golden egg. Don’t give it away. It’s obvious Wash wants the pick. Wait it out. When it gets down to the wire, they’ll budge.


Name one “running QB” in the last 20 yrs who has won a championship. These types of QB’s bring excitement, but not championships.


He’s not a running QB smartguy… His passing stats was better than Andrew Luck’s. He is a pocket passer with track speed. Throw first, Run second.


hey man your right he may not lead them to the champs but the skins are hurting at qb and everyone knows sthat not everyone you get in the draft is a stud but lets be honest we all know RG3 is gonna be somebody in the league so why not give rg3 a shot at the skins and if they don’t get him the skins are either going to have to risking a shot in the dark drafting either another qb or either have to fight their way for a qb like manning in free agency



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