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Vikings New Uniforms

Paul Lukas of Uniwatch has confirmed that these are the new Vikings uniforms.


Here’s a photo of the new Vikings uniforms along with the Dolphins and Jaguars.

  • Collan Zehnder

    I like them but think true gold pants with the Purple Jersey would rock.

  • hardcase59

    Doesn’t look like they jived them up like the Jags uni’s.

  • Jeff

    Where is the gold? Were not purple and white…right. I’m not wowed!

    • BigZerg Oner

      The two stripes on the shoulders are gold and the stripes on the legs are also gold. Anyways its start of a new era for the vikings.

    • Tony

      Look at the old jerseys, they had hardly any gold in them. These are a modern take of the old 70’s.

  • Pretty sweet new uniforms for the Vikings. AP will look good running for the NFL single season rushing record in that!

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