Vikings Targeting An OT With The #3 Overall Pick?

There were a lot of takeaways from today’s BS Report with NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi. Another interesting note from the podcast was regarding the Vikings draft plans. Lombari mentioned that Minnesota’s top priority will be to draft an offensive tackle that can protect Christian Ponder.

They’re not gonna go back with Charlie Johnson at left tackle,” said Lombardi. “They’ll pass on a receiver in order to get the left tackle. They can’t block anybody.”

If Lombardi’s right in his prediction, it would mean that the Vikings would pass on two of their other needs like wide receiver and cornerback in favor of an offensive tackle. He also mentioned the connection between Jeff Fisher and Mike Shanahan as a reason why the Redskins are the favorites to trade up for Robert Griffin III.

This is just a hypothetical situation, but if the Redskins trade up for Griffin, then the Vikings would almost certainly take USC OT Matt Kalil; even if Mike Mayock has Riley Reiff ahead of him. The Browns would then have their pick of Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson and possibly Morris Claiborne if they wanted to upgrade their cornerback situation. Of the three, Blackmon seems like the best decision given their needs but there are concerns about his forty-time. Tampa Bay could grab Morris Claiborne and the Rams would still get an offensive tackle at #6 with Riley Reiff at #6.

This just illustrates that the Redskins will most likely determine how the top portion of the draft plays out with their decision regarding the quarterback position.


pixy Vikings Targeting An OT With The #3 Overall Pick?

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