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Vikings Will Start Josh Freeman Again In Week 8

Minnesota Vikings HC Lezlie Frazier announced that QB Josh Freeman will start Sunday Night’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

  • Frazier added that he believes Freeman’s problems Monday night were physical, not mental.

Freeman didn’t look good to say the least in his Vikings debut against the Giants. He completed 20-of-53 attempts for 190 yards and an interception. Overall, Freeman looked incredibly rusty after signing just 15 days prior. He consistently overthrew his receivers and displayed zero feel for the team’s offense.

You could easily make the case that the Vikings should start Christian Ponder if they actually want to compete against the Packers, but they apparently want to keep evaluating Freeman.

Frazier gave Freeman plenty of opportunities to get something going in Week 7, as he attempted 54 total pass-plays. Green Bay ranks No. 23 in the league in pass defense, so there’s at least a chance he could show some improvement this weekend. Getting reigning MVP in Adrian Peterson going should really help Freeman and the Vikings passing attack out.

pixy Vikings Will Start Josh Freeman Again In Week 8

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