Vincent Jackson Trade Less Likely?

As the trading deadline nears, the rumors surrounding a potential Vincent Jackson trade have picked up in the last week.

Tom Curran of CSN New England reported that four teams were considering trading for Jackson but his previous off-the-field issues caused two of them to back out. The Redskins, Seahawks, Vikings, and Rams were said to be the interested parties which isn’t surprising considering that these have been the same teams rumored to be interested in Jackson for the last month. The Patriots were reportedly concerned about the same problems and ultimately decided not to pursue Jackson.

Curran mentions that when you consider that Jackson would require a team to part with draft picks and sign him to a long-term deal on top of the DUI problems, it becomes a very risky move for a franchise to make.

Last week there were reports that outlined the likelihood of Jackson reporting to the Chargers for week 10 of the season so that he can ensure his free agent status at the end of the season.

As of right now, a Vincent Jackson trade is as much of a long shot as it has ever been.

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