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Week 13 NFL Power Ranking

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An extra three days to prepare for a reeling Giants team seems almost unfair at this point. 

Baltimore has done a great job of winning big games this season but losses to JAC, SEA, and STL is crazy

A loss for the 49ers doesn’t mean that much when you have four games left against the NFC West. 

Same goes for NE who plays only one team with a winning record from here on out. 

Saints should be able to secure a home playoff game in the coming weeks. Huge advantage for them. 

To the Steelers credit, KC’s defense is better than people think but beating Tyler Palko by 4 points looks pretty bad.

Houston should be ranked higher but it’s hard to be confident in a team that’s trying out Jeff Garcia and Jake Delhomme.  

Miles Austin should return this but Laurent Robinson has been unbelievable for them. Good problem to have. 

Atlanta finds themselves in a good position for a wildcard as the Lions and Bears are falling. 

What’s amazing is that Carson Palmer has been effective even without some of his best options (Ford, Moore)

Lions get to travel to New Orleans and could be without Ndamukong Suh. Detroit needs to step up big for the remainder of the season.

Caleb Hanie wasn’t great but he gave them a chance. Chicago’s defense has to be solid for four quarters from here on out. 

A.J. Green is incredible. Andy Dalton has them a few wins from making the playoffs but they need to beat one of Pittsburgh or Baltimore to get in. 

The Giants have exhausted their depth and it really shows. They have no running game without Bradshaw and their defense can’t keep up with great offenses. 

Denver’s defense deserves more credit. Tebow doesn’t win games without the defense holding teams under 14 points in each of the last 3 weeks. 

Can’t write the Jets off yet with a remaining schedule that consists of: WAS, KC, PHI, NYG, MIA

Chris Johnson shows some life again. Maybe it will last a little longer this time. 


Buffalo is in free fall right now. Steve Johnson should take his job more serious when’s set to be a free agent at the end of the season. 

Philly is expected to start VY again on Thursday and Jeremy Maclin will also miss the game. 

Seahawks may not have Tarvaris Jackson for Thursday’s game. Charlie Whitehurst vs Vince Young sounds appealing. 

A sixth straight loss on Sunday to the 3-8 Panthers could be the end of the Raheem Morris era. 

It’s obvious that Norv Turner is done but it’s also time for the Chargers to remove A.J. Smith and start over. 

Miami’s better than their record indicates but winning games hurts their shot at one of the top QB’s in the draft. 

It’s crazy that Rex Grossman is so much better than John Beck or keeps them more competitive.   

Kyle Orton time. Could be effective given the receivers that KC has on their roster.  

Kevin Kolb = 1-4 record, John Skelton = 3-1 record. Kolb is going to have to earn his money from here on. 

Cleveland needs offense cause their defense is really good. At least they’ll have two first-round picks next year. 

Cam gets a win over the win less Colts. Now he do his best to play spoiler against the Falcons, Saints and Texans. 

Jack Del Rio is finally replaced. The is sold and they re-signed their GM today. Hopefully they put together a better team than in recent years.

Vikings should cut McNabb as there’s no way that he’ll play again this season. 

It’s bad in St Louis. The Rams are a sad franchise despite landing Sam Bradford. Coaching change seems likely. 

Reports indicate that the Colts will take Andrew Luck no matter what. That’s some pretty good new for a win less team. 

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