Willis McGahee The Broncos “Unquestioned Starter”

Lindsey Jones of the Denver Post reports that there’s really no question that Willis McGahee has been the Broncos’ “unquestioned starter” throughout training camp.

McGahee has reportedly received all of the first-team work, which is probably not surprising when you consider that John Fox tends to prefer using veteran players.

“The goal is to have him be ready on Sundays,” said Broncos RBs coach Eric Studesville. “We’re trying to get a whole lot of work for him early on so we can rest him, and have him at peak condition going into the season.

Denver drafted Ronnie Hillman in the third-round and still has Knowshon Moreno on their roster, so it will be interesting to see how these guys fit into their offensive plans this season.

pixy Willis McGahee The Broncos "Unquestioned Starter"

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