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Would The Saints Make Drew Brees The Highest Paid Player?

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune makes the case for Drew Brees being the leagues highest paid player.

If ever a Saints player was worthy of Brinks truck treatment, it’s Brees,” Duncan argues. “He deserves to be the highest paid player in the NFL. He’s younger and healthier than Peyton Manning, more valuable than Tom Brady and just plain better than Michael Vick. He’s the most talented player in New Orleans sports history, and one of the most transcendent figures in pro sports. And he’s in his prime.

If the Saints are trying to get a deal on Brees’s next contract than they clearly do not understand his importance to their team. Not everyone has a top-five quarterback and it’s actually a good problem to have as I’m sure any number of teams would be more than happy to bid for the right to sign him. The specifics of Brees’s asking price haven’t been made available yet so it’s hard to know where things stand but the Saints have to get something done sooner than later.

We have Drew Brees sitting a top out Top 50 Free Agents list.

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