WR Mario Manningham Feels He’s A #1 Option

Paul Schwartz of the New York Post reports that WR Mario Manningham has likely priced himself out of a return to the Giants.

You can’t blame Manningham for trying to cash in on his phenomenal catch in the Super Bowl, but it’s hard to believe that there’s a team out there that agrees with his own assessment that he’s a #1 receiver warranting the salary to match.

I feel like a lot of times where they could have took Hakeem and Victor out I could have made plays, or they could have took me and Victor out and Hakeem could have made plays,’’ Manningham said. “I feel like any of us can make a play at any time. You need a lot of good receivers these days.

It’s a good move to try and equate himself to WRs Victor Cruz or Hakeem Nicks, but having the potential to play at a certain level and actually performing at such a level are two very different things.  Despite his big play in the Super Bowl, Manningham simply hasn’t performed long-term at a #2, let alone #1 level.

Nevertheless, a departure from the Giants is likely.  With Cruz in line for a big salary bump, and with Nicks installed as the clear #2, Manningham would have to settle on #3 money to return to the Giants.  While he may not find #1 money out on the market, he will probably find a suitor to slot him in as a #2, or at least pay him as such.

pixy WR Mario Manningham Feels He's A #1 Option

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He will be in Tampa next year and will be our #1 reciver under his old Offensive Coach in Mike Sulliven.