Report: Jets Have Interest In Re-Signing WR Braylon Edwards



Brian Costello reports that the Jets have informed free agent WR Braylon Edwards that they are interested in re-signing him, but they plan to explore other options before deciding on anything.

Edwards, 30, actually lobbied for the Jets to re-sign him a few months ago. He wouldn’t require much in terms of salary and could at least very provide them with some much needed depth at the receiver position.


Brian Costello of the New York Post expects to see the Jets re-sign WR Braylon Edwards this offseason.

Costello refers to the Jets decision to sign Edwards towards the end of the season as a “smart move” given that he worded well with mark Sanchez provided a “strong locker room presence.”

Costello also mentions that Donnie Avery and Brian Hartline could be free agent targets for the Jets in the next few weeks.

Avery is another player would could come with a reduced cost, which works with the Jets’ limited cap space. Hartline, on the other, could be harder to fit into their finances.

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