Cowboys Reportedly Considered Signing Kyle Orton As Backup QB, Still Weighing QB Options


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Cowboys are still evaluating what to do regarding the backup quarterback position to new starter Brandon Weeden.

Interestingly enough, Rapoport mentions that the Cowboys considered the idea of possibly re-signing veteran QB Kyle Orton.

However, Rapoport adds that Orton is still retired from the NFL.

Earlier in the day, ESPN’s Adam Schefter mentioned that the idea of the Cowboys either signing or trading for a quarterback to replace Tony Romo, who is expected to miss 8-10 weeks with a broken collarbone, are not “viable alternatives” for the team.

Instead, Schefter stressed that Weeden will be the team’s starting quarterback moving forward. Although, the Cowboys could promote former Lions QB Kellen Moore to their active roster if/when they place Romo on short-term injured reserve.

This means that the Cowboys options in regards to adding another quarterback would either be to replace Moore on their practice squad, or bring in a more experience backup to Weeden, according to Schefter.

There was some speculation online following the injury to Romo that Dallas could call the Redskins about Robert Griffin III’s availability, but Schefter completely dismisses the idea.

In relief of Romo, Brandon Weeden completed 7-of-7 passes for 73 yards and a touchdown while sealing the team’s win over the Eagles.


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Gabriel Lp
Gabriel Lp
5 years ago

I want tim tebow