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2012 NFL Strength of Schedule

Here’s a look at the 2012 NFL Strength of Schedule.



NFL Strength of Schedule

RankTeamWinLossTieWin %S.O.SOpp WinOpp LossOpp Tie
1Detroit Lions41200.250.5661441102
2Arizona Cardinals51100.3130.5591411114
T3Jacksonville Jaguars21400.1250.5391381180
T3St. Louis Rams7810.4690.5391371172
5Dallas Cowboys8800.50.5231341220
T6New Orleans Saints7900.4380.5211331221
T6New York Giants9700.5630.5211331221
8Minnesota Vikings10600.6250.521321222
T9Kansas City Chiefs21400.1250.5161321240
T9Carolina Panthers7900.4380.5161321240
T11New York Jets61000.3750.5121301242
T11Tennessee Titans61000.3750.5121311250
T11Chicago Bears10600.6250.5121301242
T14Philadelphia Eagles41200.250.5081301260
T14Cleveland Browns51100.3130.5081301260
T14Green Bay Packers11500.6880.5081291252
T17Seattle Seahawks11500.6880.5041271254
T17San Francisco 49ers11410.7190.5041281262
19Tampa Bay Buccaneers7900.4380.5021281271
20Miami Dolphins7900.4380.51271272
T21Baltimore Ravens10600.6250.4961271290
T21Houston Texans12400.750.4961271290
T21New England Patriots 12400.750.4961261282
24Washington Redskins10600.6250.4941261291
25Buffalo Bills61000.3750.481221322
26Oakland Raiders41200.250.4691201360
27Pittsburgh Steelers8800.50.4651191370
T28San Diego Chargers7900.4380.4571171390
T28Denver Broncos13300.8130.4571171390
30Indianapolis Colts11500.6880.4411131430
31Cincinnati Bengals10600.6250.4381121440
32Atlanta Falcons13300.8130.4221081480


  • Ossee_Schrecongost

    Schedule based on mathematical formula, right down to the home/away.  Laws of Universe are in on the conspiracy as well.

  • captianWHoopAzz

    how come the patriots have the weakest schedule once again? No wonder these bums can pull off what they do when was the last time they were in the top ten with the hardest schedule?

    • TheDF

      New England’s strength of schedule over the past few years:

      2012: 32nd2011: 15th
      2010: 6th
      2009: 3rd

      Do your research before making stupid comments.

    • TheDF

      New England Patriots Strength of Schedule:
      2012: 32nd
      2011: 15th
      2010: 6th
      2009: 3rd

    • Clwirth06chevy

      Hey losers the schedule is the same for everyone it rotates by division every four yrs last pats had nfc east and they will play that division again in four yrs same as an afc division if you not a football fan and don’t know shut up

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