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November 14, 2014 NFLTR Features

Here’s a look at the current NFL cap space for each team.

  • 2015 NFL Free Agents
  • These figures are are as of November 14, per the NFLPA cap report.
  • It’s worth mentioning that recent transactions could take a few days to be reflected in the official numbers.

NFL Cap Space



Division Breakdown 

NFL Cap Space - Division







  • Nic Freiri

    um the raiders have 65 mill to spend

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Nic, this is the cap figures as of now, not 2014. Keep in mind that we’re still in the 2013 NFL year, so we are waiting to post the true figures as soon as they are available. This is laid out at the top of the page. You’re right that the Raiders will have in excess of $60 million available.

  • hryj

    From what i can see, Seahawks are the only elite team without a very good receiving core (with percy harvin injured that is). They should use some cap space to pick up a WR like Eric Decker or Julian Edelman to really make their team good

  • Dogo Hess

    S Merriweather is crap you must not watch football 4skins doomed 4ever 4ever

  • Pete

    yeah heard the same thing the Cowboys are like 10 million over the cap

  • Pete

    The Redskins will have 32-35 million to spend next year. They have cleared the storm and are in good shape for 2014 FA

  • William O’Connor

    This is based on the list from the NFL on what space remained for this season, once the season is over this will change, the Giants for one are projected to have 16 million in space next season while the cowboys will be something like 30 million over the limit

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Of course. These figures are as of October 16th, which is noted above. This is how things stand right now. We’ll have another update next week once players are signed/cut.

  • jdouble777

    Sorry, usually sources are cited after the referenced material. You had links to other resources after that statement “free agents etc.” Given how off he was on this estimation I would be leery toward posting anything referencing these numbers without someone/something more reliable. Most of us with our teams knocked out are fixated on the off-season at this point, which basically encompasses the salary cap space available. If I were a Jets fan, that number would make a bad situation worse and should it be inaccurate that would be pretty frustrating.

    Nevertheless, great website and thanks for the early free agent rankings. As the site had grown immensely since inception not long ago it might be cool to link up with some other popular resources and do a collaboration piece, working with Football Outsiders to make a free agent ranking list for example.

  • jdouble777

    Your calculations are way off, at least for the Redskins. I am guessing your not really a research writer given the nature of the website but when talking stats I would recommended some citations. Here is the absolute best website for Washington’s salary figures:

    We have 1.2M of carry overand 100.6m on the books with an estimated cap of 121M for 2013 and 18M cap penalty bring WAS to 3.6M of cap sapce. Then deduct 1.9M for the dead space Cooley left and we are talking roughly 1.7M. Should Hall and Moss end up on the chopping block there would be 16.3M available and 2.4M of new dead cap to deal with in 2014.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      The numbers were provided by ESPN’s John Clayton, which you’ll notice is sourced above. They are by no means our own calculations.

      • jdouble777

        So perhaps do some? If you want people to read and visit this site then I suggest becoming a fountain of knowledge that people come to because if accuracy and trust. Take a look at Pro Football Focus, which people actually pay to access or Baseball America.

        • Snaggletooths

          If you don’t like it, go to Pro Football focus or wherever and quit trolling the writers here…..

    • Richard Vert

      31 mill. penalty, minus 2 first round picks and a broken QB this team is going to tread water for a few more years anyway.

      • jdouble777

        Without Pro Bowl OLB Orakpo, above average S Merriweather, DE Carriker, TE Fred Davis, and RT J. Brown and or Garcon most of the season while playing rookie QB RGIII, Cousins, and RB Morris WAS managed to win the division.

        RGIII’s style of QB is more demanding on the knee than others but it is in no way as pivotal as a RB. Cousins also showed some promise during his brief stint without much molding or practice. Morris could be an elite back for a few years. Orakpo and Kerrigan might finally become the Osi/Tuck tandem many thought would have happened this year. Plenty of reasons to fell confident, despite your aversions and likely fandom of a division rival.

        18M in cap penalty is brutal, but overall there should be enough money to make a couple solid upgrades. Cutting Hall seem inevitable and using the saved 8.5M to sign a legit CB (i.e. Grimes) would do wonders. The NFC East is not forgiving and treading water is a common state for every team every year. That said, with luck providing health and some progress into their second years in the NFL it would be logical to think the defending division champs could hold their own. The again Romo is due, the Giants are the Giants, and Chip Kelly is about to introduce the NFL to a whole new world of offense.

        • Rob Carter

          Merriweather Above Average? lulz

          • anon

            of course he’s above average. Have you ever watched him play? lulz? What are you 6?

          • sktlbp

            Have you watched him play? You must be 6 if you think he’s above average. lulz.

          • Monster Rain

            Cool comment that you just read from that other guy.

          • Monster Rain

            You just said “lulz” and then asked about someone’s age.

          • Bruinman86

            I watched him play for years. Al he can do is hit. That’s it. He gets burned just as often if not more than most safeties. Talk about overrated.

          • jdouble777

            He is not great, at all…maybe average…but I think he is just above average. If he never got burnt he would be elite and possibly a deity.

        • Snaggletooths

          Merriweather above average? Guy is numb as a stump….. He referred to Big ben as the “Big bang clock”. He may be athletic but he is numb as a rock. Therefor, not above average or even above stinky.

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