Report: 2014 NFL Salary Cap Could Increase By $4.5 Million


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that a league source has informed him that the salary could actually increase beyond the $126.3 million total being passed around on Wednesday.

According to Florio’s source, the final salary cap limit could be more than $127.5 million per team, which would be a 3.65 percent increase.

The salary cap limit will be made official in March once the new league year is underway.


Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that the league is currently projecting a 2014 salary cap limit of $126.3 million.

  • Breer adds that this figure is subject to change between now and February when the NFL officially sets the limit.

The NFL has distributed salary cap projections during the owners meeting that is currently being held in Dallas, so it’s usually a good time to get an idea of what the cap will be for next season.

If figure being distributed by Breer is accurate, it would be an increase of $3 million per team, which is just a tad higher than the cap increased from 2012 to 2013. Last year, the cap limit increased by $2.4 million.

A $3 million increase is unlikely to spark a number of big contracts this offseason, as teams were actually quite prudent this past offseason.

Here’s a breakdown of each team’s current space and how they stack up in their respective divisions.

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