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2013 NFL Mock Draft

Here’s our 2013 NFL Mock Draft. As always, we appreciate hearing from anyone regarding the draft , so please let us know what you think.

Joe Garcia (Twitter)








 Eric Fisher  


 Central Michigan 



 Dion Jordan





 Sharrif Floyd 





 Luke Joeckel


 Texas A&M 



 Lane Johnson  





 DeMarcus Milliner  





 Jonathan Cooper 


North Carolina



 Ryan Nassib     





 Tavon Austin 


 West Virginia



 Chance Warmack  





 D.J. Fluker 





 Ezekiel Ansah 





 Barkavious Mingo  



Via (TB)



 Star Lotulelei





 Sheldon Richardson  





 Kenny Vaccaro  





 Jarvis Jones 





 Sylvester Williams


North Carolina



 Cornellius Carradine  


 Florida State



 Arthur Brown  


 Kansas State 



 Jonathan Cyprien





 DeAndre Hopkins  



Via (WAS)



 Manti Te’o  


Notre Dame



 Datone Jones 





 Xavier Rhodes 


 Florida State 

Via (SEA)



 Tyler Eifert 


 Notre Dame 



 Justin Hunter





 D.J. Hayden 





 Desmond Trufant 





 Jamar Taylor 


 Boise State 



 Matt Elam





 Alec Ogletree



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  • Z Smith

    great year to be an eagle or a jag if it goes like this

  • nickypeppers

    if the jets get mingo and tavon in the first and a qb in the second, ill be satisfied

  • Rams4NFC

    Last mock before draft for Rams.

    1a- Austin WR
    1b- Fluker OT
    2- Moore DE
    3- Matthieu S
    4- Lattimore RB

  • That would be a great start of the Draft for the Packers!!Rounds 1 and 2..

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Thanks for the positive comment Dave! Much appreciated

  • Vikings WILL take a wide receiver with one of their first round picks, probably Keenan Allen

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Not to sell anyone out, but I pushed for K. Allen in round one for MIN.

      GM Rick Spielman has mentioned that they may not target a WR with either of their first-round picks, so I couldn’t say this as definitively as you did.

      Robert Woods would be a good addition in the second-round, in my opinion.

      • Hmmm …. haven’t heard that yet. Thanks for the heads up. If Allen is still there, I think they would have a hard time passing him up.

  • Blake Mullins

    If the Lions pick Ansah, they’re stupid. This team can’t afford to gamble in the draft

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      You could easily make the case for Dee Millner at No. 5, but they’re not a single player away from winning the SB next year and Ansah’s ceiling is high enough to warrant a top-five selection.

      The most overlooked aspect of the draft is player development. If you can’t trust the Lions to develop a guy with the tools that Ansah has, then maybe you have the wrong coaching staff in place.

      I stand by the pick and think it’s a good grab for a team who’s without an impact DE.

  • I understand this is a mock draft but the Ravens have several holes to fill and taking Manti at 32 in the first round will not be one of them. The Ravens have 12 draft picks so I’m expecting them to pick up some D line help especially a NT to stop the run. More like a Jesse Williams. Ozzie likes his guys from Alabama. No way will it be Manti, in any round. Not a Raven type of player. We do need a ILB but I think we can steal one in the third.

  • twelsh36446

    Detroit doesn’t draft CBs in the first round, so I’m hoping they draft and offensive lineman.

  • I hope this is not how the draft goes for philly our D needs to be
    overhauled.. if we do not find players in FA i think first 3 picks
    should be on the D side of the ball but thats just my opion and how i see it…..

    • NFL Trade Rumors


      I understand your point about targeting help for their defense. The fact that they’re moving to a 3-4 further suggests that they could use some additional help at a few positions. Grabbing Luke in round 1 was best player available decision and fits an area of need. We’ll have an updated mock this week and we’ll consider you suggestions.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • big daddy

    The Giants are not picking JPP lite. Going to the well twice is tempting fate and JR won’t do that. The Giants have a lot of potential at DE plus Kiwi is probably moving back there. So not this year unless someone special falls into their laps later like Goodman maybe who I think is very underrated right now. I wanted the Giants to take Nigel Bradham and they didn’t, big mistake, he would have solved a lot of defensive issues. JR is great but not perfect, this is a must score draft, a must score like having all 7 make the team and contribute a lot in the next few years.

  • nicholas perry

    Packers aren’t taking Lacy in round one, never happen with Ted Thompson there. The Packers also draft ahead of the Seahawks in round 2.

    • joe jetson

      You are correct, sir. TT goes for big bodies in Round 1. DL or LB will be priority again this year. May take RB if good one falls to round 3. Otherwise heavy on the defensive side again this year.

  • Carlos I. Arboleda

    Smith won’t go first overall. No QB deserves #1 in this draft.

  • Jon C

    Jarvis Jones will not fall to 15 unless an injury occurs, he maybe the best defensive player in the draft. Definitely tremendous potential.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      On talent alone, Jones is definitely a top-five player, but the injury he suffered at USC makes it hard to invest a top-10 pick on him. I spoke with a few draftniks before pushing Jones down to gauge their opinions of his current draft stock. I think this would be an amazing pick for the Saints given their transition to a 3-4.

  • Samir

    like the bears pick again, but i hope that manti teo coming in doesn’t mean brian urlacher leaving

  • Kevin M.

    Jarvis Jones is the best linebacker in the Nation and I believe
    he won’t go below pick 5. Manti Te’o is overrated and he did not belong in the Heisman
    discussion and it showed in the BCS National Championship game. Also GB does
    not need to draft a TE so high they can find one in the later rounds who can be
    made to play better due to the fact that Aaron Rodgers is throwing him the
    ball. GB needs to draft an Offensive Lineman to protect Rodgers because he was
    the highest sacked quarterback this year.

  • Dexter_Morgan_II

    no way buffalo takes a defensive end! the OL and DL lines are areas of strength. they need qb, wr and lb and would be wise to take a qb in round 1. if they wait until round 2 to take a qb, 7 teams with qb uncertainties will have drafted ahead of them (they slip behind jets in rd 2)

  • Steve Razz

    damn. not one running back… times are changin

  • Hakau Pikula

    I Think Lotulelei defiantly can go #1, but KC just picked up D.Poe last year, T.Jackson&G.Dorsey a little bit ago. I don’t think they’ll pick “Another DL”. Esp. with the #1 Pick. I think Lotulelei will get picked up #2 by the Jags. They’re Defense is Terrible! 30th in rushing Defense. They Need someone to Plug the Gaps on the inside and i think that’s where he’ll end up. Also I Think that if the Ravens are going to be taking a ILB they’re going to take the best on the board and will trade to move up & Get Te’o. but i think that will only happen if Te’o is still sitting by #10-11. But if they don’t go with a LB i think they’ll take a OL or WR.

    • NFL Trade Rumors


      You make some valid points here about Poe and the fact that they’ve invested a lot in the DT over the years. Here’s my thinking regarding the pick:

      – Andy Reid will most likely change to 4-3
      – A switch to a 4-3 still leaves room for another DT
      – Glenn Dorsey is a free agent and no guarantee to return
      – Tyson Jackson is at the top of the cap casualty list
      – Andy Reid doesn’t have a history of draft OTs in the 1st round
      – Brandon Albert has a chance to return and Eric Winston is a great RT – Star represents good value and, at this point, is one of the safer picks

      I can’t argue with the Jaguars possibly taking Star. They clearly need help, so it really makes a lot of sense there. Oakland would also be a great fit.

      Baltimore would have to consider an ILB, but it’s hard to project who’s going to trade up for someone.

  • patrickg

    where is eddy lacy projected to be drafted?

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Great question. Lacy looked unstoppable during the BCS title game and has drawn comparisons to Jamal Lewis, even though some scouts believe Lewis had better top-end speed. The RB position is a little confusing right now, but that will obviously change once we can see these guys compete in the Senior Bowl. Right now, Lacy has a shot to be the first running back taken, but that’s really up for debate. A lot of people seem to really like UNC RB Gio Bernard.

  • Juanito Juanito

    great pick by cowboys if select cooper, guard, still coul trade down and select him and extra 3rd round selection or 4th

  • Chris

    I don’t see the Jets taking a QB that high. I’d take Warmack if all the top OLBs are gone. Both their Gs are FAs. I know it’s not sexy but the lines are the basis of winning teams.

    • Sage

      Couldn’t agree more. I’d think, if the Jets are going to get a QB at all this offseason, it will be trading for (or signing, if it gets that far) Alex Smith, or taking a guy like a Ryan Nassib in a slightly lower round. They need to focus more on the talent around the QB, be that protecting him on the OL or finding him some offensive weapons. If Warmack is available, I think the Jets would be stupid to pass on him.

  • Ty Youngfelt

    Too early to do a mock… Impossible to make educated predictions without knowing who the head coach/coaching staff/schemes are for five teams… Also the chances of multiple Guards being taken in the first round is almost zero- never happens; the position is just not worth a top 32 selection…

  • Samir

    if fisher or warmack are not available for the bears at #20, i really don’t think the bears should pick anyone but eifert. This guy is a physical specimen and I would love to see him in a bears uniform

    • patrickg

      I agree. Honestly think they should address the offensive line through free agency if possible and get Eifert. Think the guy is going to be the next tight end and the Bears need another weapon on offense

      • NFL Trade Rumors

        Patrick you make a great point about offensive line help in free agency. There could actually be a lot of good values in this year’s free agent market. We have 10 offensive lineman in our Top 50 free agents list, which should impact the total amount that most of these guys are able to command.
        We honestly debated whether or not it was a better move for them to just take Eifert and not potentially reach for an OT like Lane Johnson, even though he did have a great showing against Texas A&M.

  • Jon C

    whats so special about Geno Smith, this is the 4th mock draft of him going in the top 10….just dont see his value being that high

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Hey Jon,

      To be honest, this year’s crop of quarterbacks is by far the most confounding class in the last five years. I’ll agree Geno Smith’s second-half of the season was a letdown and his bowl game performance was also huge a disappointment.

      The problem is that you and I both know some team is going to grab a QB in the first-round. We’ve seen players that have entered the draft process with plenty of question marks and have somehow managed to improve their draft stock significantly in the weeks leading up to the main event. Cam Newton comes to mind.

      Look at Geno Smith’s 2012 stats: 71% of his passes completed, 4,201 yards, 42 TD’s and 6 INT’s.

      Here’s what he did in 2011: 66% of his passes completed, 4,385 yards, 31 TD’s and 7 INT’s.

      The guy struggled against quality opponents, which
      is a concern, but he has a great arm and has displayed the ability to be an accurate passer. He’s by no means a sure-thing, but at this point in this process, we’re more comfortable going with him over Matt Barkley and Mike Glennon.

    • Sage

      I think this Mock Draft probably plays a bit more on the reality of what teams will do in a draft. Sure, Geno Smith isn’t worth that high of a pick (heck, might not be a single QB in this draft worth a first round pick at this point), but some team will take him in the first round. While I don’t really think that team will be the Jets, there will be a team that will take him. Some team always feels the need to grab a QB in the first round, even if he’s not worth the pick.

  • Honestly??? The Colts are in desperate need of DLine or LB why would they waste a pick on a CB that could take a Yr to develope when you draft the line or lb and put them in right away?

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Your points are certainly valid. We’re admittedly conservative with Mock Draft at this point in the year given that draft process hasn’t even started. The decision to go with Banks was based on the fact that a number of the top DTs are off of the board at that point. Sylvester Williams, Shariff Floyd and Jesse Williams could be in play here, but Banks is rated as the better prospect at this point according to aggregate rankings from draft experts. The Colts really like Jerrell Freeman a lot and Mathis will be back for another year. There’s not an impact OLB at that point, but Kevin Minter could be an option. We’ll give your suggestion strong consideration in the coming weeks. Thanks for the comment.

  • mtjujnmrdy

    jacksonville will not take Geno #1 because they will trade it

  • why do people think there will be 2 QBs taken in the first 15 picks…..Really? The QB class will be lucky if 1 is taken in the first round overall and it wont be a top ten pick

  • Sage

    Honestly, if I’m the Chiefs, I don’t touch Geno Smith #1 overall. I would take Luke Joeckel there, and then look at Ryan Nassib in the 2nd round (especially if they end up hiring Syracuse coach Doug Marrone to be their new HC), or a Mike Glennon, as well. Either way, I just would not waste that #1 overall on Smith when Joeckel is there, as well as Lotulelei.

  • Justin T. Poindexter

    I honestly see the Steelers drafting a CB in the first round…

  • Samir

    Eric Fisher is starting to move up the boards. I even read in an article that had the same pick as you that Fisher would be “steal” for the bears. If he does fall that far, we would definitely welcome him in Chicago. Nice article.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Ya, I’ve noticed that too. We might actually be a little on him right now seeing as others have him in the Top 15.

  • Inferno

    Worst draft class that I can remember. It would be a great year for teams to trade down and stockpile picks.

  • Matt barkley isn’t a top 10 pick…it should be Glennon from from NC State

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      I get the concerns regarding Barkley, but you know a lot can change throughout the draft process and Barkley could easily improve upon his draft stock. Glennon had a pretty rough performance the other day, so he also has things to work in the coming months. We’re just not ready to make that projection at this point, but we’ll keep it in mind for the coming updates.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Joshua Oleksiak

    Any chance the Browns take a defensive end at number 6? I know Te’o is a great pick, but pair up any Verner with Sheard, and this defensive line will become one of the best in the league.

  • cody

    No way chiefs waste the first overall pick on Geno Smith

  • Samir

    really like the bears pick, would be perfect if chance falls that far

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Thanks! Chicago should have a great shot at an impact offensive lineman this year, which is obviously a big need for them.

  • Ethan

    Green Bay should not draft a Tight End. They have more needs right now including offensive lineman, whether that be a Tackle or a Guard at that point. I can see Green Bay taking a Tight End, but they don’t need it especially with Quarless and especially Williams on the bench.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      I get your points regarding OL, but they have both guards under long-term contracts and Bulaga is locked up through the 2014 season. They seem to like Newhouse at LT and spent a first round pick Derrek Sherrod two season ago. They could use more depth, but it’s hard to use a 1st round pick on a position where they don’t feel they need a starter.

      Finley could be gone at the end of the season since he’s set to make close to $8 million, and the Packers love their TE’s. I do think DE is also in play here considering that Pickett is getting older and there are questions surrounding the rest of their players at the position. Thanks for the comment.

      • Sage

        As a Packer fan, and having watched every Packer game this season… we need an offensive lineman. Rodgers has been sacked oodles more times than any other QB in the league, and yes, I understand that is partially his own fault (at least 8 are his fault, was a stat I saw the other day), but still, he’s running for his life at times. Yes, I like that we have guys like Sitton and Bulaga under contract, but we need more. Lang is a nice player, but only when playing guard. When we have to move him outside, he becomes a liability. Newhouse has regressed from the potential he showed last season, and Sherrod was (and is still) taking way too long to recover from his broken leg, and it worries me. Plus, he was a swinging door when he did play last year.

        That said, if there is a very good LT available at our first round pick, I say take him. But there isn’t quite a need to reach for OL in the first round. It’s a need, but it can likely be filled in the 2nd-4th rounds. So, what do they take, then? I think TE could be a position they look at (Finley will definitely be gone, if Ted Thompson has been paying any attention), but not a HUGE need. I have to think ILB would be a position they look at, along with DL, RB, and maybe WR (because TT likes to surprise us with WR picks early). To give some names, I’d say Eric Fisher (if he makes it that far), Kevin Minter, Tyler Eifert (as you mocked to us), or a Tavon Austin if TT feels like surprising us. The Packers could go several ways in the first round, but I think you underplay the need for an OL just a little bit.

        • NFL Trade Rumors

          The way things are looking right now, the Packers would be in a position to take an interior OL at that point in the draft. They have both G’s locked up to long-term extensions and every indication out of GB is that Evan Dietrich-Smith is their long-term C. He’s a FA, by the way, so it will be interesting to see what they offer him.

          OT makes sense, but GB is big on development and Sherrod is worthy of another chance. They chose to put him on IR earlier in the season even though he had a chance of being back later on. There have been some rumors that A.J. Hawk could be released, so they could look to grab ILB and they could use a better 3-4 DE. RB could use an impact player and you would have to think they would consider grabbing a solid TE. I wouldn’t rule out a WR at some point either, assuming that Jennings leaves via free agency.

  • Bruce Almty

    TR, thanks for the mock. Enjoyed the update & looking back on what was said months ago. Looking forward to your future efforts. kudos.

  • Bruce Almty

    We can LOL at your rankings now.

  • Hopefully Panthers know better that what we do need help for defense. just take Star Lotuilli or Dee Milliner for draft 2013.

  • DUH! That was written 6 whole months ago!

  • Tony Finch

    Do you think that Kawann Short has fallen out of the first round?

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Kawann Short’s 2012 season has pushed him down, but there’s still a chance that he gets taken in the 1st round. We’ll obviously know more at the end of December, but as of now we have him as an early 2nd rounder.

      • Tony Finch

        I also think that at some point you should do a team needs page, with their top 5 needs at some point before the drat and free agency, I’m curious to see what you think for some teams

        • Bruce Almty

          Other mocks and fan responses are a great way to view team needs. For many teams, what they don’t need is a good starting point; after that, it’s all up to the FO to prioritize the needs.

  • robert joines

    I do not see any way that the Chargers would pass up on Lewan. Their offensive line is appallingly bad. Unless they add a LT and LG in Free Agency, there is no way they go CB in the 1st RD.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      This is fair point. The fact that Gaither didn’t work out only highlights their o-line issues further. We’ll strongly consider this for next week’s updated Mock Draft.

  • Paul

    Dion Jordan in the late 1st? Hes going to be a top 15 pick best rush specialist out there besides Jarvis

  • Bruce Almty

    CIN drafting 6th??? You’d have to be 5-11 to draft there. Cinncy is more likely a .500 team.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      That’s a fair point. Their second half would have to be pretty miserable to justify No. 6 pick. Obviously, we’re not too high on them and they have do have 5th hardest schedule for the remainder of the season, but you’re right that they’re low.

  • Mac

    Give the browns Te’o


    Iowa State linebackers are 1st round picks!!!

    • NFL Trade Rumors


  • How is it the 6th best team in the AFC on this list is picking at 19. The whole bottom half needs to be redone according to the playoffs. Miami would have to go to the 21st spot at the least. So that would switch Terrance Williams and Justin Hunter.

  • Shane.m

    I think the chiefs pick Geno if given the choice.

  • jacob anthony

    i like this mock but i could see thev ravens trading up for erik ried or t.j. mcdonald because they could take shane slovak in round 2 i know thats ozzies normal plan but ed reed is going to be out of baltimore this year just because of cap space and needing to sign joe flacco

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Some great points here. Safety is definitely an issue and it’s really a position that we considered before giving them Alex Ogletree. You’re also correct in that they’ll need to free up some extra cash to address Joe Flacco. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis deserve all the credit in the world, but you have to wonder whether or not they’ll be asked to take a pay cut, so that they can begin to build a better defensive unit for the years to come.

  • johnny

    bears trade up and get te’o… i know you dont neccasarily need him but urlacher is getting up in age and being a notre dame fan and bears fan this would be awesome for me to see

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      That would be an incredible addition to their defense. He would be a huge favorite in Chicago given the number of Notre Dame fans in the area.

  • Chris

    No way the Jets pick a WR in round one after taking one high in 2 a year ago. More likely a pass rushing OLB, ILB like Teo, OL, or RB.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      That’s a fair point. I guess this would be an easier decision if Santonio Holmes wasn’t guaranteed to be back. We’ll consider some of your suggestions for our next Mock Draft. Any players that you like in particular?

  • MBrath8

    Geno Smith will be a Top 3 Pick and Leveon Bell will not be a first rounder drafted by anyone but the Raiders because they’re the only team dumb enough to take him

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Noted. We have new Mock Draft coming out today.

  • 1.Browns

    • Bruce Almty

      What a difference actually playing the games has on the standings.

  • Kcking36096

    You got kc picking Logan Thomas that’s a joke if they pick that high it wont be qb that they go for it will be ILB mantis te’o what the chiefs really need a ILB to pair with Derrick Johnson and Logan thomas or a qb will be they in the 2nd round we got almost every starter signed for years so know we go for need

  • Dc777jc

    This is a very deep quality deep draft withba lot of great junior coming out in the Offensive Line Position. With that said I’d wait & draft the OL in the 2nd Rd. I’d take Travis Fredrick of Wisconsin b/c of his athleticism & Beastly Strength . . . Upper Body Benches 530. . . Lower Body Squats over 770 But the promise is that this guy is the most versatile lineman in the Draft having started & starred at Guard, Center & Tackle!!! I’d take T.J. McDonald to replace Dashon “Designated Golddigging-Greedy” Goldson!! At 6′-3″ 220 & a 4.42-40 Time this would be a serious upgrade to the position with better youth, athleticism, speed & range in coverage. If T.J. was already taken I’d take Mangus “Massive Hitter” Hunt in the 1st then go & get Travis” Talented Freak-O-Nature” Fredricks 2nd Rd. pick!!!

  • justin

    the jags having a .500 record or better? i think you are the one who has shit for brains. c’mon man!

    • Keep in mind that was written 6 months ago, when the expectations for the Jaguars were a LOT higher.

      • Dan

        The expectations for the Jags were never very high. They were very quiet in FA and didn’t have a particularly good draft.

    • It was written 6 months ago by Eric, when the Jags expectations were A LOT higher.

  • Eric L.

    Nate, you have fecal matter for brains. There’s no way the Jags end up picking as low as #2, let alone taking a qb. Don’t be an Ignorant Gabbert hater. He’ll be fine. They’ll pick somewhere between 20-30. And I would change the Eagles and Pats picking spots. 

    • You still think this Eric? After a 53 yard passing performance in week 2? Looks to me like the jags might be picking #1!!!!

    • Dan

      lol…hahahah. I bet you feel stupid now Eric L.

      • NFL Trade Rumors

        Oh wow. That is sort of funny in hindsight!

  • Guest

    What about John Simon??

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      I really like John Simon a lot! He’s most likely underrated at this point. I could easily see him making his way into the first-round as the college season plays out.

  • Good mock

    I like this mock draft especially because they don’t overrate Logan Thomas and Lotulelei. Please keep this mocks coming. 

  • The Majority of the players in your draft are from PAC12 or  SEC. When I say majority I mean almost all. Let me guess you live on the west coast and get sec games on tv too?

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      To be honest, I live on neither coast. I’ve been watching tape on these guys for at least few weeks, but it’s hard to get to every player, so I do concede that this is just a preliminary look at what could happen. Are there any prospects in particular that you feel deserves more attention?

  • NFL Trade Rumors

    Good point! Haha! We’ll have to work on finding a better balance after they second-most players drafted this year.

  • RBIBaseball

    I could see the Colts trading down, and possibly taking a cornerback.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Good point. Their secondary needs some serious help so that’s certainly a worthy consideration.

  • Nfl

    VIKINGS SECOND OVERALL???????? and Bengals/Broncos not making the playoffs WTF

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Whoa, whoa. Take it easy Joey. Haha!

      This is just a preliminary mock designed to create some dialogue about players for next season. The order will be updated in a few days as it was based upon our pre-draft Power Rankings.

      I’m sure the Vikings, Bengals and Broncos will see a boast by then.

  • Gilv13

    I think its spelled Barkevious 🙂

    I’d draft him based on name alone.

    Even though he’s a junior next year, if Logan Thomas has a good year and declares, he could be taken in the top 10, and depending on how he progresses this season, could be THE best NFL prospect at the QB position. As a sophmore he was making NFL throws, and is big enough to shrug off Quentin Coples in the pocket.  Hopefully he stays for his senior year, so in 2014 it could Thomas and Bray as the top picks (asumming Bray does not come out)

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Great info @Gilv13!

      I’ll sure to adjust the spelling and I agree that name alone is enough to get him drafted in the first-round! Haha! We’ll also give more consideration to Logan Thomas in the coming weeks.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Hannibal

        I don’t see Seahawks takin a dt unless they lose both Branch and Jones And don’t find good replacement in fa especially w/ amount of cap space they will have. A true number 1 WR another O Lineman or another DE.. Only other pos might be QB if Wilson and Flynn don’t work out. Most pos are set for starters.. depth at TE OL DE LB DB/S for next year is only current concern prior to fa and or injury this season

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