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Remaining 2014 NFL Strength of Schedule

Here’s a look at the 2014 NFL Strength of Schedule based on their opponents’ odds of winning the Super Bowl.

This offers a better idea of how hard a team’s schedule is, instead of using the average win percentage for each team’s 2013 opponents.

We’ll be posting Remaining Strength of Schedule updates as the season plays out.

  • The Super Bowl odds were provided by Bovada.lv
  • 1” is the hardest schedule and “32” is the easiest schedule
  • “Score” is the sum of their opponents SB odds rankings (1-32)
  • Some teams no longer have SB odds due to their record, so we will factor in their win % into the rankings for these teams.
  • 2014 NFL Schedule: By Team


     2014 NFL Strength of Schedule





SB Odds

Next 3 Opp.

1.49ers26100 – 1@SEA, SD, ARI
2.Bills31300 – 1GB, @OAK, @NE
3.Bengals3440 – 1@CLE, DEN, @PIT
3.Buccaneers34 —@CAR, GB, NO
5.Chargers3650 – 1DEN, @SF, @KC
6.Redskins37 —@NYG, PHI, DAL
7.Cowboys3820 – 1@PHI, IND, @WAS
8.Rams39500 – 1ARI, NYG, @SEA
9.Browns42250 – 1CIN, @CAR, @BAL
9.Cardinals4225 – 1@STL, SEA, @SF
11.Bears43 —NO, DET, @MIN
11.Falcons43100 – 1PIT, @NO, CAR
11.Raiders43 —@KC, BUF, @DEN
14.Texans44150 – 1@IND, BAL, JAX
15.Steelers4533 – 1@ATL, KC, CIN
16.Jets47 —@TEN, NE, @MIA
16.Seahawks475 – 1SF, @ARI, STL
18.Vikings48 —@DET, @MIA, CHI
19.Lions5020 – 1MIN, @CHI, @GB
20.Chiefs51150 – 1OAK, @PIT, SD
21.Colts5220 – 1HOU, @DAL, @TEN
22.Broncos539 – 2@SD, @CIN, OAK
23.Dolphins54125 – 1@NE, MIN, NYJ
24.Giants55 —WAS, @STL, PHI
25.Jaguars56 —@BAL, TEN, @HOU
25.Packers5613 – 4@BUF, @TB, DET
27.Eagles5916 – 1DAL, @WAS, @NYG
28.Titans62 —NYJ, @JAX, IND
29.Panthers64200 – 1TB, CLE, @ATL
30.Patriots677 – 2MIA, @NYJ, BUF
30.Ravens6733 – 1JAX, @HOU, CLE
32.Saints6850 – 1@CHI, ATL, @TB



  • BfloFan

    Wouldn’t it make sense to put the average Super Bowl odds of opponents and then sort from lowest to highest? Can’t be too hard to do, and it would show how the ranking is done by purely looking at the table.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      This is actually what we do to calculate the remaining strength of schedule, but we just didn’t add a column that shows the average odds of their opponents.

  • spencer72

    I know this is strictly by last year’s numbers, but I think Jets have a lot tougher schedule than their ranking – particularly in the first half of the season –
    with games against the Packers, Bears, Lions, Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs and Steelers before their bye week. That’s brutal

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      This is based on their opponents odds of winning the Super Bowl this year.

      I agree that their schedule actually looks pretty tough based on those teams, but playing 4 games against MIA and BUF helps. They also get the Vikings, Raiders and Titans this season.

  • Buzmeg

    Does the “rank” column have any meaning, because I can’t see it? If so, please explain.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Yes, it does.

      The rank column shows you which team has the hardest schedule (Rams at #1). You’ll notice that a few teams are tied, but the lower the number, the harder the schedule.

  • Ron Bryant

    this list is not accurate, patriots opponents had a record of 121-135. and that is the only team i bothered checking, who knows how many others are not right

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      You just posted the record for the Patriots 2013 opponents. This is list is based on each team’s 2014 opponent winning percentage.

      I had it mislabeled above, so I do apologize for that, but I assure you these figures are correct.

  • Zach Howerton

    Dang, this just shows you how hard the AFC West is: all 4 teams, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Donkey’s, are in the top 10!

    • twooutssowhat

      I think it’s more reflective of the fact they play the NFC West this year.

  • Joe Fachet

    how do the colts have the easiest schedule?? they play the eagles, steelers, ravens, patriots, broncos, bengals
    and the texans twice

    • McCashier

      Texans have 2 wins, Eagles only 9, Colts only 9, Ravens only 9. They also play the lowly jags and titans. They only have 3 hard games all season

      • NFL Trade Rumors

        Crap! I was looking forward to answering that one, but I forgot about it. Thanks for laying out the reasons.

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