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Help Wanted: Writers

With the NFL offseason drawing closer, we’re looking to add a few writers to our staff that can help us keep up with free agent signing, trades, and NFL rumors.

The writing position would entail: covering news feeds and helping with the creation of our featured content like Free Agent Lists, Mock Drafts, Big Boards and other projects.

We’re looking for someone who is reliable and capable of contributing during the week. We ask that available for a solid three hour block at a designated time. The time slots that we’re looking to fill are mainly during the day and in the afternoon, as the majority of news tends to break during this time.


Writing Skills

It’s very important that you’re able to demonstrate the ability to effectively summarize articles from around the Internet, while constructing them in a clear and concise manner. You should also have a solid understanding of grammar and punctuation.

Blogging Experience

Applicants with previous blogging experience will be considered over those without. We specifically use WordPress to construct our posts, so it would be great if you were familiar with the interface, but it’s by no means a requirement. Also, if you have experience with Excel or HTML, please make note of that.

Knowledge of the NFL

It’s important that you’re able to understand how news relates to the specific teams involved and briefly provide some insight relating to the topic being discussed. I ask that you remain unbiased as it’s important for our writers to be equally supportive of all 32 NFL teams.

Keep in mind that everyone applying for this position will highlight their love for the game and their overall football knowledge, so a wise applicant would highlight other things like their writing ability, previous experience or what they bring to the job.

Attention to Detail

Readers expect that the information you’re providing to them is accurate, which is why it’s so important to not misconstrue what’s being reported. Limiting other mistakes such as spelling and grammatical errors is something that you should strive for and display in response to this post, as well as any work that you’re submitting to us for review.

What We Offer

Unfortunately these positions are unpaid, but we’re willing to discuss future compensation if you’re able to meet the requirements and show a commitment to helping us grow as a website.

NFL Trade Rumors generates well over a million page views per month, which will give you a platform to not only discuss the NFL, but also the opportunity to establish a name for yourself in the online sports world.

You’ll have access to a number of premium websites like ESPN Insider, Pro Football Focus and NFL Game Rewind, just to name a few.

There’s really a lot of opportunity here at NFLTR, so this position will ultimately be what you make of it. We’re always open to new ideas and would appreciate hearing from anyone that’s interested in joining us.

Please send us an email at [email protected] or use the contact tab in the menu bar above. Please include a resume, as well as any writing samples that you have for us to review. It would also be helpful if you could please outline the specific days and times that you’d be available to contribute.

We look forward to hearing from anyone that’s interested.


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Are you still looking for writers?


Fyi In your mock draft you have Lamar Miller going in the first and second round. Also, you have Nick Toon going in the first and third..

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

It’s because you’re looking at one of our old mock drafts and our most recent one. I’ll remove the older Mock Drafts to eliminate the confusion

Nathan Rivera

Looking for a writing position 


love to see a list of avalible offensive coordinators for 2012

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