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NFL Draft Rumors: Melvin Ingram, Andre Branch, Vinny Curry, Whitney Mercilus, Nick Perry

If you’re not already familiar with Dan Pompei’s weekend column, “NFL Sunday Blitz,” you should really check it out. Here’s some of news that he provides regarding some of this year’s draft prospects.

Melvin Ingram

Pompei writes that NFL teams have “struggled” to find a position for Ingram at the next level. It’s believed that Ingram could be “too short and compact” to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.

“Big tackles and tight ends will be able to get their hands on him, and then he’s done,” said one NFL personnel man.

I can understand where they’re coming from on this, but Ingram has shown nothing but the ability to adjust to different roles within a teams’ defense. The guys’ versatility and play-making ability is really incredible.

    • We have him going to the Panthers at #9 in our most recent 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

Andre Branch

Branch has much better size than Ingram, as he measured in at 6-4 recently. He’s clearly capable of playing outside linebacker, but Pompei’s source believes that “instincts” are the real question mark regarding Branch.

    • We have him being taken by the Patriots at #31 in our most recent 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

Vinny Curry

Pompei writes that there’s no question that Curry can play outside linebacker and specifically mentions that he’s a “natural pass rusher.” NFL scouts only question mark regarding Curry is “whether or not he can learn a new position and master it.”

There have been some rumors in recent weeks that he has a shot at jumping into the back end of the first-round.

Whitney Mercilus

Pompei refers to Mercilus as being a “special athlete” that showcased plenty of natural ability during some of his recent position drills, which should translate into him being a solid player in the NFL.

The concern with Mercilus has been the fact that he’s a one-year-wonder with limited tape, but he’s done a good job of dispelling those concerns throughout the draft process.

    • We have him going to the Bears at #19 in our most recent 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

Nick Perry

Perry’s draft stock has been up and down a bit in recent weeks. There’s no question that he possesses the ability to get to the quarterback, but Pompei believes that he’ll be better suited as defensive end than as a outside linebacker.

I could agree more. Perry is looks like a prototypical 4-3 end that should have his hand in the ground. Dropping into coverage from time to time isn’t going to be one of his strengths.

Bruce Irvin

Irvin was arrested last week and Pompei mentions that he may have a hard time playing defensive end or even outside linebacker in the NFL.

“Coaches will have a hard time trusting him as an outside linebacker, but it may be the only thing he can do,” writes Pompei

It’s hard to gauge where he could up at this point because his draft stock has been dropping so quickly. Irvin looked pretty good at the combine, but there’s been some talk that he could end up being a third-day prospect.

Pompei discusses some other prospects like Ronnel Lewis, Shea McClellin, and Courtney Upshaw in case you’re interested.

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