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NFL Players Who Could Be Trade By Thursday

The NFL’s decision to push back the trade deadline seemed like a good idea, as it would likely increase the incentive for teams to improve their rosters for a stretch run or possibly add draft picks that will aid the rebuilding process. Well, this year’s deadline has about as much buzz as last season, which is somewhat disappointing.

So far, there have been several reports that nothing is brewing around the league, but there’s still time for that to change, as news obviously picks up as deadlines draw closer.

Here’s a look at some players who could be dealt before Tuesday’s deadline.

Dwayne Bowe

There have been reports for a few weeks now that Bowe wants out of Kansas City, which isn’t all that surprising when you consider just how bad the Chiefs have been this season.

Extension talks broke down during the offseason, so there’s almost no chance that Bowe re-ups with Chiefs come February. Kansas City has already franchised him once, so they will have to be willing to pay him a 20% increase on top of next year’s franchise total.

In terms of what it would take to get Bowe from the Chiefs, Peter King of said “don’t even bother calling the Chiefs about Bowe without a 3rd-rounder in hand,” per Justin Bopp.

The Chiefs would almost certainly receive the No. 97 overall pick if Bowe were to sign elsewhere, so they would have to receive a third-round pick to justify making a deal right now.

We have Bowe listed as the No. 3 best player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

Speculative options: Vikings, Dolphins, Redskins

Steven Jackson

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported early on Sunday that the Rams have already received multiple inquiries regarding Jackson.

St Louis previously announced that they will allow him to become an unrestricted free agent following the season, so just like Bowe, they too would require at least a third-round pick in return for Jackson.

There are a number of team’s who are in need of help at the running back position. Green Bay keeps being mentioned as the favorite to trade for Jackson. Both Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen mentioned that Packers GM Ted Thompsoncovets” Jackson and have previously offered “significant packages” in return for him.

The Packers lost Cedric Benson for an extended period of time, but he is expected to return later in the season. It would really be surprising to see them pull the trigger on a deal and part with draft picks in return for an aging running back who will be a free agent at the end of the season.

Speculative options: Packers, Cardinals, Falcons

We have Jackson listed as the No. 11 best player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

DeAngelo Williams

The Panthers have already begun the process of moving in a new direction when they made the decision to fire GM Marty Hurney. It was Hurney who made the decision to allocate over $80 million to running backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

Williams, who has recently seen a decreased role in the team’s offense, actually got the better deal in terms of total money, even though Stewart is clearly the better player.

Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer reports that Williams’ time in Carolina could be coming to an end “if not by Tuesday’s trade deadline, then during the offseason.”

Williams is under contract through the 2015 season, but has base salaries $4.75 million (2013, $5.75 million (2014), and $6.75 million (2015) remaining on deal. Because of the remaining money still owed to Williams, the Panthers would have to be willing to absorb some of his salary or accept a limited draft pick in return for him.

Carolina has already received calls from a few NFL teams, according to Adam Schefter, so it seems like there’s a decent chance that he could traded by Tuesday.

Speculative options: Packers, Cardinals, Falcons, Steelers, Cowboys

LeGarrette Blount 

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that “several” league executives have informed him that Buccaneers RB LeGarrette Blount could be traded before Tuesday’s deadline.

Doug Martin‘s breakout performance on Thursday didn’t help Blount’s chances of seeing more playing time at point in the near future. Tampa Bay seems to even prefer D.J. Ware over him.

Blount’s overall skill set is fairly limited. He struggles in all three aspects (rushing, receiving, pass-protecting) and has a hard time producing in short-yardage situations, so it’s hard to say that he would be an upgrade worth trading for.

The Buccaneers would have to be willing to accept a late-round pick for him and there’s no guarantee that they would even be able to get that in return for him.

Blount will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

Speculative options: Packers, Cardinals, Falcons, Steelers, Cowboys

Colt McCoy

ESPN’s Trent Dilfer mentioned last week that there are NFL personnel men around the league who still believe that Colt McCoy can be an effective NFL quarterback.

“He’s not a laughingstock,” said Dilfer, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “They think that given the right offense, Colt can be a good to very good NFL starter.

People around the league that Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports spoke with believe he could be traded before Tuesday.

There was a lot of speculation that the Packers could look to acquire McCoy before the start of the season, but the Browns were reportedly unwilling to accept a late-round draft pick in return for him. Green Bay actually brought in a few free agent quarterbacks a couple of weeks ago and Graham Harrell is hardly a viable option for them should something happen to Aaron Rodgers.

Speculative Options: Packers, Cardinals, Chiefs, Bills

Dion Lewis 

There were reports a few weeks ago that the Eagles RB Dion Lewis could be available at the deadline, but there hasn’t been a lot of attention paid to the idea since then.

Philadelphia has left Lewis inactive for five of the team’s six games this season. Rookie RB’s Bryce Brown and Chris Polk are currently ahead of him on the team’s depth chart, so it makes sense that he could be had for a late-round draft pick.

Steve Smith (Rams)

When the Rams signed Steve Smith back in March, it seemed like this could end up being a savvy move by St Louis, but Smith hasn’t been able to carve out a full-time position on their roster, despite the fact that the team’s receiving corp is considered to be a limited group.

Smith has 11 receptions for 114 yards and will likely be held of game once Danny Amendola returns from injury. He probably could be had for very little in terms of compensation.


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Not a Jets fan by any means but do you see the Jets making any moves to help that struggling offense

NFL Trade Rumors

RB is an area where they could use some help and there’s a number of available options. The front office has to be feeling at least some pressure. Obviously, I can’t say for certain that they’ll make a move, but I’m not ruling it out at this point.


what about Romo and Bryant for Flacco and Boldin


The ravens would never go for that… If they did they are retarded,

disgruntled jets fan

can woody johnson trade an entire offense including h.c. gm and staff?

NFL Trade Rumors

For some reason, Woody Johnson is reportedly a big fan of Mike Tannebaum, which means it still likely that he’ll be back next year. Tannebaum should be on the hot seat for that contract he gave out to Sanchez and the fact that he’s stuck by guys like Shonn Greene who are clearly not good enough to do what they’re asking of him. Rex Ryan and Mike Westhoff would find jobs right away if they’re released.


Chargers need to make a move! can we trade Norve for a 24 pack of Coors Light!

NFL Trade Rumors

I would take that deal. Haha!


Really tho, do you see them making any moves?

NFL Trade Rumors

Honestly, I don’t see the Chargers making any moves. The best options that are currently available include a lot of RB’s and a couple of WR’s. The Chargers have Ryan Mathews so RB is not an option and they’ve already committed a lot of $ to the WR position (Robert Meachem and Malcom Floyd).

NFL Trade Rumors

That’s an interest idea. I thought about adding the Seahawks as potential option for a WR, but figured that their financial commitment to Sidney Rice and the fact that they live Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate would persuade them otherwise. I think there would be a lot of interest in either Alan Branch or Jason Jones if they were available, but defensive players typically do not get traded at the deadline. It’s hard to get them properly assimilated in short period of time.

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