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Packers HC Mike McCarthy “Hopeful” They’ll Draft A QB This Year

Packers HC Mike McCarthy recently mentioned that he is “hopeful” they will draft a young quarterback this year.

It’s such a fine line to straddle now because it’s so hard to get four guys ready,” McCarthy said, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “The practices have been cut down. Quarterback school has lost four weeks … I think we definitely need four, so I’m hopeful that we can get a young guy in the draft. That’s something we’re looking at and maybe taking even a harder look this year — well, that’s not true, we’ve always taken a hard look. That’s something that we’re focused on.

The Packers have said previously that they would like to have both Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien back for another year. However, McCarthy added that it’s not easy to prepare four quarterbacks during the offseason, especially a kid coming out of college.

Green Bay’s backup quarterback situation really came into perspective last year following the injury to Aaron Rodgers. Neither Flynn nor Tolzien played all that well, so it would make sense for them to consider taking someone during the draft who could develop into a solid backup.


pixy Packers HC Mike McCarthy "Hopeful" They'll Draft A QB This Year

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