Scouting Combine Winners: Offensive Line & Tight End

A “Winner” is determined by the ability to overcome obstacles, and redeeming a misfortune. The determination to do the work that most wont, consistency in high levels of performance an established history of correcting mistakes.

2012 Offensive Line Winners

Matt Kali – OT- USC – 6’6″, 306lbs, 4.99, N/A broad, 27″ vertical, 7.33 -3-cone, 30 reps, 34 1/2″

Matt moved well laterally by staying in his chair to keep his pad level lower and his feet under him. Sub 5. 40 is excellent, 7.33 on his 3-cone drill will go a long way in convincing coaches he can slide to hit his pocket landmarks that will maintain the left side. Has both, explosion off the punch for running and exceptional hand to feet sync that allows him to hold bull rushers. He also possesses lateral movement in his hips and feet to handle a speed rush. Matt immediately brings his guns up on the snap of the ball and knows what to do with his body which allows his hands, shoulders, hips and feet to work simultaneously. It’s really fun to watch this kids blocking technique and it should be noted that he did’nt give up a sack all of last year. Matt is a top 2 or 3 pick in this draft.

David DeCastro – OG – Stanford – 6’4″ , 316 lbs. 5.43, 8’1″ broad, 29.5 vertical, 7.3- 3-cone drill 34 reps, 32 3/8

Great Combine for Decastro. He’s a hard worker and displayed plenty of natural skill. Excellent from the snap and gets his hands ready to set an imedeat blow while keeping his them together. Eyes up, and a flat back , with a base you could eat milk and cookies off of. Side to side quickness with speed to engage and could run stunts to far side all day. A 7.3 on a 3-cone drill at his size? 34 reps make him powerful inside the phone booth verse a 3-4 nose. He has the strength to move a NT off his squat.

Jeff Allen – OG – Illinois – 6’4″, 307lbs, 5.28, 8′ 5″ broad, 27.5 vertical, 26 reps, 33 1/2

Allen had an outstanding Senior Bowl and his Combine performance easily match his previous effort. Mike Mayock has high praise for Allen, saying he looked fluid in the field drills with natural knee bends. Jeff needs to play less cerebral and give into his aggression. Just allow your brain do what he’s trained it to do. JA would move up 3 levels if he would use his intense explosion from the snap of the ball. Let the momentum from that burst carry through to the top of the defenders skull. PANCAKE! Jeff Alan. Go get yourself one.

Cordy Glenn – OT/OG – Georgia – 6’5″, 345 lbs, 5.15 , 7′ 8″ broad, 23.5 vertical, 30 reps, 35 3/4

Hands and feet move together inside confined areas and plays compact for his size but at this point, he projects as a RT, Glenn needs to learn to move in strides. All of his foot work is done in shuffles which could cause him to get tangled and dropped like a tower. With his technique, if he gets a hold of a defender, will leave them locked up by Sheriff Glenn.

recipient of a participant ribbon

Riley Reiff – OT – Iowa – 6′ 5″, 5.23, 8’1″ broad, 26.5 vertical, 23 reps, 33 1/4

The lights may have been too bright for Rieff at this year’s combine. Riley exhibits natural bend, a quick initial first step and sets quickly. His feet can navigate the pile ups and get to the corner, clear out the gutters and bring home dinner. He’s also able to sustain blocks long enough to rust while keeping his hands cocked and set for a counter inside. The timing could be better and allow him to keep defenders away with an arm extending . He can’t create the leverage from the top when blocking a defender taller and longer. He can engage and sustain blocks buy eliminating the space but needs to accept what it is that he can do on the field. This is a trained Offensive Lineman that has a place in the NFL.

Zebrie Sanders – OG – 6’6″, 320 lbs, 5.41, 8′ 3 ” broad, 27 vertical, DNP reps 35″

Coming off of a poor performance at this year’s Senior Bowl can be overwhelming. Identifying the explanation and accepting it is the part of moving forward. Mistakes happen but in this environment, a single decision can become a huge setback. Zebrie wasn’t as fluid as I’d like to see him with no pads on. He needs more work and I can’t see him as an immediate starter at either offensive tackle spot despite his solid measurables. Sanders is viewed as a slightly better prospect than Datko due to his upside, but should stay in the 2nd-3rd round range.

Mike Adams – OG – 6′ 7 ‘, 323lbs. – Ohio State – 5.40 , 8’3″ broad, 28.5 vertical, 7.94 3-cone, 19 reps, 34″ arms

Mike Adams is extremely talented, but in most cases, the players he’s up against will have a skill set advantage. Most of Adams’ success comes from his size . He could have continue to play at Ohio State if his eligibility wasn’t an issue. Unfortunately, Mike now has to try and play pro football but currently may not have the necessary all-around skill set to succeed right away. I could see Mike Adams having to play OG in the NFL. He needs to work on timing and placement. Visualize the situation, understand the technique to execute the plan.

Peter Konz – C – Wisconsin – 6′ 5″ – 315 lbs. – 18 reps, 33″ arms

Didn’t have the type of ideal body build you want and he wasn’t overly athletic, but he did look good in the mirror drill. He was moving well with sunken hips and bending a bit. He was pretty stout when hitting the pad in bending and the driving drill. Overall, he performed well in the positional drills and remains a sure-fire first-round pick and the potential to move up.

2012 Tight End Winners

LaDarius Green – TE -Louisiana Lafayatte – 6′ 5″ – 315 lbs. – 18 reps, 33″ arms

Green moves and looks like a wide receiver. He’s a natural H-back type with the necessary overall athleticism for the position. A longer tight end who possesses a frame to grow and can line up off the line and create mismatches with his quickness. Made quick cuts nicely that were caught away from his body while showing decent field awareness when locating the ball. Had a quick first-step and looks as though he’ll stretch the deep-middle on seem throws at the next level. Maintained a solid 3rd-round grade throughout the process.

James Hanna – TE – Oaklahoma – 6’4″ – 252 lbs. -4.49, 10’2″ broad, 36″ vertical, 7.6- 3-cone drill, 24 reps

Who was the real winner from this group on Saturday. Hanna posted a 4.49 official 40-yard dash to go with 10’2″ broad jump & 36″ vertical jump which are some impressive figures. Although he didn’t display the most natural hands in gauntlet drills, he ran and moved with great fluidity while displaying quickness in and out of cuts. His overall athleticism was very noticeable. Concerns regarding Hanna, however, stem from his workout not matching up with his performance on tape. He’s forced me to do some further evaluating. More of a mid-round projection at this point.

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