2015 Salary Cap Will Be $143.28 Million

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that NFL teams were informed Monday that the official 2015 salary cap will be $143.28 million.

Given that teams have until 4 pm EST today to apply their franchise tags, they had to know what the actual salary cap was going to be so that they could plan accordingly.

The NFLPA has projecting a cap around $143 million while the NFL had previously said that it would be lower than that. I’m not sure why the league is always less reliable with the figures they’re putting out there given that teams could use accurate information.

In 2014, the cap wound up increasing from $123 million to a record $133 million, which was much higher than the initial projections from the NFL.

Interestingly enough, the cap increased by another $10 million in 2015.

NFL teams are required to spend 89 percent of the their cap and cash spending has to 95 percent of the salary cap limit, or the difference will go to the union who distributes the money between the players.

We’ll have updated Cap Space figures and Franchise/Transition tag totals in the near future.


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