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Drew Brees “Hopeful” That A Long-Term Deal Will Get Done

Saints QB Drew Brees remains hopeful that he and the Saints will be able to get a long-term deal done that will keep him in New Orleans for the remainder of his career.

“My goal will be and always has been to get a long-term contract with the New Orleans Saints that will keep me here my entire career,” Brees said, via WDSU New Orleans. “I’m going to continue to work toward that.

The Saints chose to franchise Brees week ago which will pay him $14.4 million for the 2012.  However, Brees has been targeting a deal that would pay him a base salary of  around $20 million per season.  The franchise tag gives the Saints some leverage in contract negotiations since they can continue to franchise tag him every season with a 20% increase which surprisingly would come out to less than they he’s currently looking for in regards to total dollars. New Orleans runs the risk of alienating their best player at a time when the franchise has come under plenty of scrutiny for their previous “bounty program.”

It really makes sense for them to lockup Brees to huge a deal even if it’s not exactly the price they were hoping for. After all, this guy just threw for the most passing yards in a single season and won them a Super Bowl three years ago.

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