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NFL Draft Notes: Top 10 Picks, Depth, Quarterbacks, & Titans

Top 10 Picks

While many have said in the past that drafting a quarterback can buy a head coach some extra time to get things turned around, the Titans and Buccaneers have proven that this is not always the case.

Both teams fired their head coaches, despite promising performances from their young quarterbacks in 2015.

An AFC personnel executive tells Albert Breer that the risk now for head coaches is actually taking a quarterback in the top 10.

“It’s a risk now going into the top 10 with a quarterback,” the personnel executive explained. “With those guys, outside of a few teams, they have to start right away, and they’re not ready. And there’s a good chance they’re gonna get you fired, so there’s not a three- or four- or five-year plan anymore. … It’s the one position you can’t cover up.

“You can miss on [junior DL Joey] Bosa or [junior OT Laremy] Tunsil. That would suck, of course, but it’s like with [Luke] Joeckel or [Eric] Fisher — they’re not very good, but you can’t see it all the time. The quarterback touches the ball on every play.”


As for this year’s crop of draft prospects, an NFC GM tells Albert Breer that there’s is value to be had in the first three rounds.

“There’s value in the first three rounds for sure,” said general manager. “There are a number of guys that everyone’s saying could be the first pick or the second pick. But with the teams up there, you gotta be thinking, Maybe in the second round, I can get them there; or in the third round, I can get them there.

According to Breer, they may not be a huge difference between using a first- or third-round pick on positions other than a quarterbacks.


According to Albert Breer, California’s Jared Goff looks to be in position to be the first quarterback taken in this year’s draft. An AFC college scouting director compares him to Derek Carr.

“People are gonna compare Goff to Carr, because of his body type, quick release, and that’ll help him … It’s a positive comparison,” said the scouting director.

However, an NFC GM tells Breer that Memphis QB Paxton Lynch is really the best quarterback prospects. “The kid at Memphis is the best one,” the GM said.

As for Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg, the NFC GM said that there’s still talent to work with, even though things have gone all that well for him in recent years.

It’s there. Just take him in the second or third round, and he has a chance to be a damn good player,” the GM said. “He was lights out that first year. Next year, he’s a totally different guy. But he can’t do everything himself.”

According to Breer, there’s a chance that North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz can sneak into the bottom of the first round, depending on how things go for him during the draft process.


Because of how things stack up in this year’s draft, Albert Breer writes that the Titans may have a tough time getting good value for the No. 1 overall pick, should they elect to field offers for the selection.

The Browns and 49ers are really the only teams drafting in the top 10 that have an immediate need at the position.

However, Breer mentions that this could create opportunity for teams such as the Cowboys, Giants, or Saints should quarterbacks end up being available to them.


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