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NFL Notes: Ray Rice, Cowboys, & Eagles

Ray Rice

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that even eight months after Ray Rice had his indefinite suspension overturned, the former Ravens’ running back hasn’t found any interest at all from an NFL team.

According to Florio, there are some around the league who believe if Rice was named Adrian Peterson, he would get a second chance in the league.

Florio wonders if the league office has “put out the word to shy away from Rice, given the controversy his conduct sparked — and the consequences it nearly caused.


Cowboys QB Tony Romo mentioned that he expects an agreement to eventually get worked out between the team and WR Dez Bryant.

The NFL is a business, it really is, ” Romo said, via Mike Ramczyk of MyRacineCounty.com“You’ll see that side sometimes, with DeMarco [Murray] leaving and Dez not being part of the offseason.

“I think it will work out with Dez.”


Mark Eckel of NJ.com spoke to “one of the league’s top executives in personnel” who is skeptical of the Eagles’ decision to trade Nick Foles and picks for QB Sam Bradford.

“I understand they gave up on Foles,” the executive said. “But I don’t know why they’re building up Bradford so much. I’m still confused about that whole deal. You can only talk about him being the first pick of the draft for so long. What has he done since then?

“If Bradford had gone anywhere else you wouldn’t even be talking about him. He’s been hurt the past two years and even when he was healthy, he was just average. But he’s with Chip Kelly, so there’s hope I guess. Chip Kelly is the one guy who can make Bradford a success.

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