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NFL Rumors: Bengals Targeting Andy Dalton?

SI.com’s Peter King writes that a quarterbacks  coach  told him that “it’s getting very hard for [Bengals offensive coordinator] Jay Gruden to hide how much he loves Andy Dalton.”

So far Cincinnati has met with Dalton on five different occasions which is a pretty clear indication that they’re seriously interested.

Dalton is projected by a number of draft experts to be a second-round pick but given the premium that has been placed on the quarterback position, Dalton could easily be taken in the later part of the first-round. Cincinnati is sitting a No 4 and No. 35 so they’ll have a shot at one of the top two quarterback prospects but could be just outside of players like Dalton and Christian Ponder.

If they choose to take a position other than quarterback at No. 4 overall, I wouldn’t be surprised if they move back into the first-round and get a quarterback. There’s still a chance that they could one at No. 35 but the Bengals could be taking a huge risk by doing so.

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