NFL Rumors: Nick Fairley The Next Haynesworth?

New York Post reports that some NFL teams are “privately comparing” Auburn DT Nick Fairley to the troubled Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth which is not a favorable comparison to have leading up to the NFL Draft.

“You’ve got to tread lightly with him because, as good as he looks on film, he could be a one-year wonder,” said one AFC GM. “It’s not like Suh, who dominated for a couple of years and you had no doubts whatsoever about.”

The fact that teams are concerned about Fairley shouldn’t come as a surprise but the fact that some view him as a possible bust should have a negative impact on his draft stock. Early on it seemed like Fairley was a top-three player but he has slowly been falling down teams boards in recent weeks. Teams appear to be concerned about him taking plays off something that Haynesworth showed last season.

Despite the concern, Fairley has shown that he has an amazing skill set at a position that’s normally inhabited by players that possess size and strength rather than agility. It would still be a shock if he’s not taken in the top-ten.

pixy NFL Rumors: Nick Fairley The Next Haynesworth?

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I agree with the Albert Haynesworth comparison. I also think that connection could be greater as Fairly would be a wonderful fit for the Titans, if they decide to take a pass on a passer in the first round. He would occupy the roll formally filled by Albert and would go a long way in bringing Tennessee’s defense back to where it was a few years ago. Speaking of Albert Haynesworth, what uniform do you see him wearing next year? I can’t imagine him being back with the Skins after the drama that he caused last year, especially after his… Read more »

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

Great stuff here. I can see the comparison to Haynesworth but the things that are concerning about Fairley are the things that he possesses that other don’t. Is it really a benefit to have a more agile defensive tackle or would you rather a solid player like Marcell Dareus in the middle of your line? I think that this question has impacted multiples teams draft boards and attributed to Dareus’s rise. One thing thing that stood out to me the most regarding the Titans offseason, was the loss of defensive line coach Jim Washburn. Reading about his importance to the… Read more »