Rams Haven’t Talked To Teams Regarding The No. 2 Overall Pick


Rams HC Jeff Fisher told reporters earlier in the week that they haven’t had discussions with any team regarding their No. 2 overall pick in recent weeks.

(We have) not really had any discussion with anybody, but that doesn’t mean to say we won’t,” Fisher said, via ESPN.com.

Recent reports mentioned that the Rams were “actively shopping,” and Rams GM Les Snead told reporters shortly after the regular season concluded that they are “open for business” with their first-round pick, so the topic has come up multiple times in recent months.

Fisher added that he doesn’t anticipate them getting the kind of haul they got in the Robert Griffin III trade a few years ago.

“But I think it’s highly unlikely that even if we did trade out that would we get the value that we did the first time around,” Fisher said.

The Falcons are reportedly interested in trading up, which is an idea that has been proposed for a few months now, and could be something to watch in the coming weeks.



pixy Rams Haven't Talked To Teams Regarding The No. 2 Overall Pick

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