Panthers Sale To David Tepper Unanimously Approved


NFL owners officially approved the sale of the Carolina Panthers to former Steelers minority owner David Tepper on Tuesday.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday that Tepper was unanimously approved by the finance committee and the other 31 owners.

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, as reports have said for a few weeks now that Tepper was almost certain to gain approval at the owner’s meeting this week.

According to reports, Tepper will purchase the Panthers franchise for around $2.2 billion in cash and another $75 million in deferred money, which sets a record for the highest sale price for an NFL team.

Tepper plans to keep the Panthers franchise in North Carolina.

Other bidders for the franchise included South Carolina businessman Ben Navarro, Canadian steel and mining executive Alan Kestenbaum and Fanatics owner Michael Rubin.

We’ll have more regarding the Panthers’ sale as the news is available.

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