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Final: 2012 NFL Mock Draft

April 26, 2012 NFL Draft Rumors

Here it is, our final Mock Draft of the 2012 season.






 Andrew Luck











 Robert Griffin III











 Matt Kalil 










 Trent Richardson










 Morris Claiborne  










 Justin Blackmon                              




 Oklahoma State







 Stephon Gilmore 




 South Carolina 







 Ryan Tannehill 




 Texas A&M







 Fletcher Cox     




 Mississippi State







 Mark Barron 











 Luke Kuelchy          




 Boston College







 Melvin Ingram     




 South Carolina 







 Riley Reiff 











 Dontari Poe   











 Michael Brockers  











 Chandler Jones











 Michael Floyd   




 Notre Dame


 via Oakland






 David DeCastro        











 Quinton Coples    




 North Carolina







 Dre Kirkpatrick 











 Courtney Upshaw 











 Kendall Wright   






 via Atlanta






 Cordy Glenn  











 Donta Hightower











 Devon Still      




 Penn State







 Whitney Mercilius 











 Nick Perry    






 via New Orleans






 Shea McClellin  




 Boise State







 Stephen Hill  




 Georgia Tech







 Peter Konz











 Harrison Smith     




 Notre Dame







 Doug Martin




 Boise State





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  • Beast storm

    Rams and richardson perfect match

  • Vikesallday

    All vie been hewing is that the Vikings are certainly not drafting Kalil (from Adam Schefters opinion) and remember this is the guy that called out the rams taking Bradford over N.Suh (I’m not even gonna try to spell it lol) also a source with knowledge said if Harrison Smith is there the Vikings are likely to pick him, if you remember we gave back to many comebacks and we lost like 7-9 games by a TD because of are SAFETIES not are CBs plus were getting back Chris Cook, we signed Chris Carr, and Zachary Bowman, and Antonio Winfield will be staying at CB. People say we couldn’t move the ball down the field? We scored 21.2 points a game (With are old OL, a injured AP, a injured Michael Jenkins, and we kept subbing in QBs now that we have a great TE duo I think if we added Jerome Simpson (he visited yesterday) are passing game won’t be too bad not to mention are furious running game I mean Jerome, Michael, and Percy aren’t a bad receiving corps plus are TEs,and if you look at are to best safeties its jamarca sanford and mistrel raymond jarrad page abdullah and tyrell all left we need at least 2 safeties I see us doing this
    Pick 1)Matt USC
    Pick 2)Harron Smith ND
    Pick 3)Tommy Streeter UMH
    Pick 4)a.Markell Martin OU
    Pick 4)b.Vontae Burflict ASU
    Pick 4)c.DeVier Posry OSU
    Pick 5)Ron Brooks LSU
    Pick 6)best RB available
    Pick 7)Best OG available
    Pick 7)K

    Side note: Sorry to be a burden but you have Lamar Miller as a WR he is indeed a RB you have Luke Kuelchy as a OT he should me a ILB, you have Mike Adams down as a CB he should be a OT, David Wilson is down as a OLB he is a RB, Josh Robinson is down as a OLB should be a CB, and Dwayne Allen is a TE not a OLB again I’m not tryin to correct you cause I know its hard writing this many people down just trying to help

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      No worries. Corrections have been made. Thanks for letting me know. We’ll see if you’re right about the Vikings picks.

  • CSNinerFan

    If the Niner want Konz, they’ll have to trade up to at least the #29 spot to get him.  The Ravens are looking at Konz to eventually replace Matt Birk.  The Niners are grooming 2nd yr OL Daniel Kilgore to either take over at RG or C when Goodwin begins to lose it.  I think the pick at #30 will be Coby Fleener.  Harbaugh loves to use his TE’s, and having Fleener opposite Vernon Davis could be a deadly combination.  I think you’ll see the Niners draft offensive talent early…so as to jump-start Harbaugh’s WCO, especially in the passing game.

  • Escohill79

    As a Bears fan, i would have been thrilled to get Coples at #19 two weeks ago, but with all these negative reports on him lately, I would rather have Chandler Jones now.  Trade down and pick up an extra 3rd preferably.

  • innovator

    Thanks for responding..

    I’m going to go a little different direction when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals….
    Personally,I believe that Michael Floyd is the second best receiver in the draft,,not far and away ahead of the next six receivers,but definetly second best this year….I’m going to throw this out there….Having kirkpatrick and Patrick Peterson to man your corners for the next several years to come,and at the lower rookie salaries,is a blessing!! Michael floyd,while great,is probably only 3 percent better than an Alshon Jeffrey(who is running far better now,4.51),Stephen Hill,Rueben Randle etc…..Let me add this if I may…..The Washington Redskins have the following receivers under contract: Pierre Garcon,Leonard Hankerson,Josh Morgan,Santana Moss,jabbar Gaffney(whom shanahan loves for some reason),and Anthony Armstrong….Fred Davis has been franchised as well,,and they still have Chris cooley….If I’m Whisenhunt,I’m all over sending a fourth round pick to the Redskins for Santans Moss!!! perfect fit!!  In the meantime,,if Im whisenhunt,take the biggest impact corner or linebacker(Think about Keuchly as well).use youre second rounder on a receiver like Jeffrey,or sandbag on Mohammed Sanu in the third…..You have to ask yourself: Would you rather have Floyd,and whomever you get in the second round and fourth round,or would you rather have Dre kirkpatrick,Alshon Jeffrey and Santana moss(think of Kirkpatrick and Peterson together)!?!?   Just  a thought…

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      I can’t contest the fact that ARI needs to another CB and Peterson is exactly the best cover-corner in the league so Dre makes sense.

      I do think Floyd is better than Jeffery because he has much better mobility and can be an intermediate weapon as well. ARI can’t take a WR in the 2nd rd because the Eagles are holding that pick so they’d have to take their chances in the 3rd but by then they’re going to be forced to address OLB or DE, basically find a pass rusher.

      Moss would be fine if he’s let go but trading even a mid-round pick for a 33 year old WR that will make $4.15 million in 2013 seems unlikely.

      But, like I said, Dre & Peterson would be an improved combo for sure.

  • innovator

    Most of this is pretty good!

    Couple of things to consider:

    Don’t be surprised if Dre Kirkpatrick goes to the Cardinals….Hmmmmm

    Dallas went and put the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer(8 mil) because they felt that Courtney Upshaw wouldn’t be available to them…Now Spencer,I believe,has still NOT SIGNED his franchise tag tender….While fletcher Cox would be great,Upshaw fills a greater need..Upshaw to Dallas to play opposite side of DeMarcus Ware..Dallas will also rather move Jay Ratliff to end instead of playing the Nose(Kills Fletcher Cox to the Cowboys)…Jerry Jones and Bill Belichick need to make a deal to send one of the Patriots several nose tackles to the Cowboys…

    Eagles have to go after Cordy Glenn if they are in any way interested in going to the playoffs after Jason Peters tore his achilles…Between Asomuagh and Cromartie,,I’m not sure Kirkpatrick would be their top need,even with the Eagles recently trading for Demeco Ryans..

    Fletcher Cox drops to the Jets…

    Michael Floyd to the Bengals

    Though I feel Whitney Mercilius is a little better player than Nick Perry,,,Perry is much better with his hand on the ground in a 4-3,which is what the Bears need opposite of Julius Peppers…

    None of the teams picking 20-26 need pass rushing 3-4 OLB’s….I think your choices for those teams are spot on!!

    Whitney mercilius falls to the Patriots at 27..He is EXACTLY the player that they need at that pick..If anything,the Patriots need to move up to take this guy..Great fit…

    Andre Branch is PERFECT for the Packers..

    No way on earth Fleener is going to the 49ers,not with Vernon Davis in a long term deal,and the Niners have a great backup tight end..

    Patriots won’t take a corner earlier..they have at least three guys who can start and showed they can play well at this level…A good pass rush will always make your secondary look better..Patriots pass rush put on a lot more pressure late in the season and in the playoffs,and the play of the secondary showed…No Jenkins…However,,a free safety will be taken with their third round pick..

    If I’m the Patriots,I’m trading down at this point…..Picks 30-60 are absolutely loaded with talent…Unfortunately,,the Patriots are the only team as of right now that have two second rounders…..All of the players they like,, will be available in the second and third round…

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Thanks for putting so much time into your response. I enjoy reading what you guys think.

      The Cardinals are kind of a tough pick. They have to consider adding another WR opposite of Fitzgerald. They’ve been terrible since Boldin left at the position. Their biggest need is arguably OLB so Courtney Upshaw would make some sense expect for the fact that several scouts believe he’ll end up playing 4-3 DE which doesn’t work for the ARI or DAL considering their 3-4 schemes.

      I like your point about Ratliff and how it effects Cox a lot and will certainly consider that in the future.

      As for PHI, Glenn does make sense because he has the ability to play either inside or at OT. They don’t have a long-term OT prospect in place. Everyone points out that the Eagles have Asomugha and DRC but both were terrible last season. If you don’t believe me, check Pro Football Focus. On top of that, Samuel has a good chance of playing elsewhere next season and DRC will be entering the final year of his current contract. Asomugha will 31 at the start of the season so they could really use a long-term prospect at the position.

      I’m a fan of the Bengals taking a WR and agree that Perry should have his hand in the ground which is something that could happen in NE if they stick
      with the same front they used last season. By the way, the Patriots have
      already scheduled 5 meeting with cornerbacks thus far so CB is definitely
      in play.

      I don’t love the Fleener pick but I’m certainly not the only one that’s
      suggested as much and I’m on board with the 2nd rd being loaded with

      Like I previously, I enjoy talking draft and hearing your opinions so
      thanks again.

  • Not a Front Runner…Go Browns

    I’m okay w/Richardson @4 but I would perfer S. Hill @22 and in Rd 2 I would take best available DE, OT/G, CB or LB. Definitely not QB.  If we can work a Trade and stay in the Top 12 I would do it to set up next years draft and the ability to go QB shopping then…Barkley anyone?

  • Vikingsfan

    Pts a game and were up at half and lost for times!!!! They have like one of the worst defended and christen ponder showed he rolls out good so obviously you get a 2nd round OT and make a tweak upgrade at WR ( Tommy Streeter ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it would be lovely if they….
    1)Take Claiborne!!!!! We need a shut down corner for Marshall calvin and Jennings!

    2)trade up a tad to get a 1st rounder and send it to Pitt considering mike Wallace is young a #1 wide and we have enough to sign him

    3)Take Tommy Streeter for another good wideout

    4)load up on OT in the 4th round with the three picks and one of em will be able to get the job done

    5)with there draft history they usually grab a S here and I would love trumain Johnson or the one from LSU

    6)grab the G from colorado for depth

    7)get another RB

    • Joe Garcia

      Hi Vikingsfan,

      Vikings need to take Matt Kalil, because you need to protect Ponder, and he is injury prone. Yes BG, Chicago and Detroit have great WR, but don’t forget they have  great pass rushers, such as Mathews, Peppers, Avril, There’s Chris Cook, he isn’t an elite CB, but he is decent-good CB, and would improve this year.

      2) No way Vikings trade for Wallace. Vikings aren’t going to compete for the division this year, and they aren’t going to give this guy a huge contract. There are other needs. Stay put at #35 and hope Janoris Jenkins could drop to them, and its possibility.

      Thanks for your comment and reading. 

  • Jcrump7626

    stephen gilmore is a cd but i like this skills

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  • Gavin H

    Liking the mock. Nothing really pops out as “Oh my god, how could you think that?!” Side note: I would’ve posted this in a way so that all the comments from the last mock didn’t carry over. (see all comments below) Some of the comments were valid at the time but with the update, aren’t relevant anymore.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Thanks for the positive comments Gavin regarding the mock draft. I’ll see what I can do to change the post so that it’s no longer displaying previous comments from older Mock Drafts. Thanks again for the suggestion.

  • Diehardvikingsfan

    4 round mock draft for Vikings fans

    With the 13th pick the Vikings select Dre Kipatricks, assuming the cardinals fall in love with Kalil we take there future 1st round pick and there 13th overall so we can snatch Dre Kipatricks who will be a immediate starter and we may need a lineman but there’s ones we can find later they maybe not be phenomenal but at least theyll get the job done a CB will make a way bigger impact

    With the 27th pick the Vikings select Mark Barron, assuming the patriots offer us there third round pick along with there 27th pick for Jared Allen, before you get mad think about this Jared Allen is will be 30 yrs old and were in rebuilding mode and with the need of secondary SO BAD and against Mathew Stafford and Arron Rodgers twice a year isnt helping Mark Barron is a great safety that we need for are team

    With the 35th pick the Vikings select Stephen Hill, a 6’4 receiver that ran a 4.36 40 yard dash who can stretch the field for Percy Harvin

    With the 67th pick the Vikings select Chase Minnfield, I know we picked 2 DBs in the 1st but that won’t be enough even Frasier said you can’t have enough good DBs and his dad was a pro bowler for the browns, he’s a KR ( we need ) and if he comes maybe Cris Cook seeing his former teammate may help his attitude if he drops this far we grab him

    With the 94th pick the Vikings select James Brown, this is where we address the tackle position he won’t be a anchor but at least he’ll reduce a lot of sacks

    With the 98tn pick the Vikings select Brandon Mosely, again to help the tackle position for either a back up or to start the other side

    Before you all get mad at this this is if they go all in for Ben Grubbs and Carl Nicks in the FA so we can get a dominant CB in the draft and assuming they cut Steve Hutchingson, Visante Shiantcoe and Antonio Winfield all for cap space to snatch these to guards, and even if we dont get em would you rather have ponde have 1-2 secs more in the pocket at most or a dominant CB like Claiborne who might save a TD a game in the passing game that instantly woulda made us 12-4 just think about that,
    Thanks for listening

  • Jerry2

    No offense, you have some good picks but the sehawks will never pick Ryan, the cardinals are going after a lineman and Dre and Janoris droppin that far? I don’t see it same with Michael he’ll go to 15 and last Michael Floyd is supposed to be the #2 WR in the draft but other then that great draft!

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Tannehill will go in the first-round and some have him off the board as early as #6. Seatlle very well could miss out on Manning and Flynn but don’t have the draft picks to move up for RGIII, not to mention the fact that Rams aren’t going to allow him to stay in the division. I’m pretty comfortable with Tannehill going to the Seahawks. Mike Mayock even said that Tannehills “worst-case scenario” is to be off the board at #12.

      The Cardinals biggest need is at the OT position but in our recent mock draft, all three of the top OT’s are gone before Arizona is on the clock. Everyone has DeCastro going to them but the Cardinals chose to go with best player available last year in Patrick Peterson and why not grab a solid receiver opposite of Fitzgerald? Michael Floyd had a great Combine but Wright would be a better compliment to Fitzgerald much like Boldin was a few years ago. I like the pick and it’s original.

      Kirkpatrick didn’t do much anything to convince NFL teams that he should go as high as he was slotted to go prior to the Combine. He’s still a first-round talent so I could see him going higher. Jenkins stock, on the other hand, has been dropping after a number of red flags emerged from the Combine. He could go to Detroit but that’s assume that Kirkpatrick was already taken.

      • Jerry2

        I just don’t see it happening

  • danceinkev

    After checking out the combine….I think the Eagles sould go after Tulloch and find a big DT in  the draft…maybe trading up to get Poe

  • Kilestadel

    heyward bey had a 1000 and 9tds last season

  • NFL Trade Rumors

    Great point and I couldn’t agree with you more especially after watching Matt Kalill’s tape from 2011. The guys is huge, athletic and is a real force at left tackle which isn’t something you can say for many this years OT’s as you pointed out. Sanders has a lot of issues and you’re not going to find any sure beats from the second-round on that can play tackle. Blackmon isn’t the same kind of weapon as Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green or Julio Jones so it would be very risky to take him ahead of a guys that can solidify your o-line for the next 10 years. Keep in mind that OT have a lower bust rate than any other position.

  • Jcrump7626

    Who does they have at QB? No one!

  • Nick

    Does franchising a player count towards a team’s salary?
    Could you also possibly include the cap room for each team?
    How does Rogers staying on the niners look?

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Franchise a player does count against the cap so team’s will have to factor that into their decisions.

      Here’s a link to the most up-to-date Cap Numbers for each team:

      Several reports have mentioned that 49ers plan to use their tag on S DaShon Goldson which leaves them only a few weeks to negotiate with Rogers before free agency is open for business. He wants to return but the 49ers want him at “their price” so we’ll have to see. 

  • Jeremy

    dont mind the dwayne allen pick but i think it would be more likely to see the giants draft Dont’a Hightower and then maybe get orson charles or coby fleener at the end of the 2nd round

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      I can’t argue with that. If I was in the Giants position, that’s exactly what I would do. The mock draft is just trying to connect the dots between the teams’ most pressing needs and the best available player.

  • Kyleothmer

    Should add  other rounds to

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      How many rounds are you suggesting? I could probably add a third-round because we have an idea of who could be taken by then but the Scouting Combine will help sort out some of the later rounds. Let me know what you think, I’d appreciate it.

      Thanks much
      – Nate

  • Anonymous

    Going with what the Eagles have done in the past. I think they will trade down in the draft and pick Dontari Poe with the 21 or 22 pick

  • Fwh3

    No way would Tampa draft Richardson Blount has a huge contract and is still VERY underated the real need is in the secondary, if Barber retires, or the o-line. I would love for them to snag Claiborne!!!

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      LeGarrette Blount is an exclusive rights free agent which means that he’s going to make less than $1 million next season. On top of that, Blount is coming off of a down year where he finished with 796 yards rushing and that was with very little competition at the position.

      No argument here that help in the secondary is a bigger need but Richardson was a solid value pick. If the Vikings elect to take someone other than Morris Claibourne then he’s a no-brainer for the Buc’s. You would have to think that Tampa Bay would be fielding offers to see if a team is willing to move up for a player like Richardson or Blackmon.

  • Fwh3

    No way would Tampa draft Richardson Blount has a huge contract and is still VERY underated the real need is in the secondary, if Barber retires, or the o-line. I would love for them to snag Claiborne!!!

  • Jeremy

    zerbie sanders sucks the giants should draft Zach brown or maby Dwayne allen

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Both Brown and Allen are great talents that fit the Giants needs but the logic here has more to do with the position value and who was available. New York could use help at OLB but Mathias Kiwanuka and Michael Boley were both rated as two of the Top 20 player by Pro Football Focus. Jake Ballard was the #17 tight end and even Bear Pascoe made into the top 30.

      Their offensive tackles, on the other hand, were terrible and considering that they have a solid passing attack, taking an offensive tackle with a first-round grade is a big win for them moving forward.

  • Johnbanick

    goldson will go back to the niners why would they pick Barron. They will pick a wr or cb

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      You’re right that Goldson is likely to return to the 49ers next season but that doesn’t mean that it’s exactly the best move for the team. They’re considering using their franchise tag on him which would cost them $6.2 million for the 2012 season.

      Pro Football Focus actually rated Goldson as the #69 best safety in the NFL last season which isn’t exactly worth the kind of money that they’re considering paying him. Taking Mark Barron is a simple value pick for the 49ers.

  • Dwainscott1968

    Jacksonville needs a real QB

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Very much so. They should consider signing someone, that at the very least, will push Blaine Gabbert to earn the job. There hasn’t been a lot of quality rumors regarding the teams plan for the position at this point.

      • Joe Garcia

        They could bring Jason Campbell to compete with B.Gabbert.

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  • Matt McGillivray

    If Barkley is there, there is no way the Fins pass on that.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      My apology. The post loaded the draft that I was working on and not the final Mock Draft. I’ve made the adjustments.

      There’s no reason the Rams should take another QB even if they have a shot at Luck. To invested in Bradford.

  • saberdog1966

    No way the Browns are taking another QB, not with the first pick anyway.  

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      You’re probably right considering that they’ve taken Brady Quinn and Colt McCoy in recent years but Mike Holmgren would have to consider taking one of this years quarterbacks if they’re still on the board.

  • Hubert

    Wheres the other 17 picks, thats weak

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      I’ve add the remaining 17 picks just to let you know. My initial thinking was to just stick with the top fifteen because it’s easier to project where teams could end up being slotted but your comment was just to motivating to not add the other teams.

      • colt

        I think Blackman would be drafted by the rams. they have no good WRs and needs targets like blackman for Bradford

        • NFL Trade Rumors

          That’s definitely a possibly as the Rams need a young wide receiver that they can build their receiving core around. Brandon Lloyd has been decent in recent weeks but at 31 he has limited long term potential.

          My thinking was that Matt Kalil plays a premium position and fits one of the teams biggest weaknesses. Their offensive line has been pretty terrible this season and Kalil could solidify their OT for years to come.

          With the Rams winning games now, they’ll have a much easier decision that if they were drafting at #2.