Broncos Rookie QB Brock Osweiler Holding Out For A “Quarterback Premium”

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Broncos second-round pick  QB Brock Osweiler’s hold out is due to the fact that he’s seeking a “quarterback premium” from the team.

Osweiler’s supposedly looking for a deal similar to the one signed by a late-first or early-second round pick. Last year, Mikel Leshoure was the No. 57 overall pick and wound up signing a four-year deal worth $3.04 million with the Lions.

Considering that the CBA has created a slotting system for rookie draft picks, it’s highly unlikely that Osweiler will be able to secure a better deal than the one Leshoure signed. There’s a little leeway to work with, but this is typically related to guaranteeing the final year of the contract, rather than the total sum. Osweiler has almost no leverage, it seems likely that he’ll eventually cave in and take the offer that Denver presented to him.

pixy Broncos Rookie QB Brock Osweiler Holding Out For A "Quarterback Premium"

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