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Eagles Have Had “Exploratory Talks” About Trading Up To No. 1 Overall

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Eagles have had “exploratory talks” about trading up to No. 1 overall with the Titans.

  • According to Rapoport, the belief right now is that if they’re looking to secure one of the top quarterback prospects, they’ll likely need to trade up.
  • Rapoport adds that while Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel are under contract on two- and three-year deals, neither player would prevent the Eagles from taking a quarterback in the draft.

The Eagles have done extensive work on this year’s crop of quarterback prospects, which included owner Jeffery Lurie traveling with executive Howie Roseman and HC Doug Pederson to meet with quarterbacks.

However, not everyone is buying their level of interest in trading up for a quarterback, and instead think they could be looking to entice another team trade up ahead of them.

Tennessee has made it clear that they’re willing to trade out of the No. 1 spot, and recent reports have said that they already have multiple offers for the top pick at this point in time.

It’s hard to say what the Titans would want in a deal with the Eagles that would require them to move back to No. 8 overall, but it seems unlikely Philadelphia would have to part with as much as the Redskins did to get Robert Griffin III.

We’ll have more regarding the Eagles possibly moving up for a quarterback as the news is available.


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