Hines Ward Plans On Playing Two More Years


The 2011 season hasn’t exactly been one of Hines Ward‘s best years in the NFL. There was talk before the start of the season that Ward could be considering hanging it up but he ultimately choose to return. His role in Pittsburgh has dramatically changed with the rise Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders; even Jericho Cotchery has seen more playing time.

Ward appears to be unfazed by his decreasing role with the team as he discussed his future yesterday.

I have two years left on my contract,” Ward said, via Ed Bouchette of thePittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I’m not even thinking that this is my last one.”

Ward will be 36 next season and he very well could be the slowest receiver in the game so there’s a good chance that the Steelers could release him at the end of the season.

If the organization decides to, I have no control over that. But, for me, I’m not even thinking this is my last game ever [at Heinz Field],” Ward said. “I feel fine. I feel like I can play another year or two if I want to.

These situations are always tough as Ward has meant a lot to the Steelers franchise. I doubt that Pittsburgh would make a “business decision” in this situation so I could see them trying to come to some sort of a compromise rather cutting him out right.


pixy Hines Ward Plans On Playing Two More Years

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