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Jets Have No Plans To Make A Change At Quarterback


Jets HC Rex Ryan told reporters following Sunday’s loss to the Lions that he remains “confident” in Geno Smith as his quarterback, and he has no plans to move forward with veteran Michael Vick.

“I’m confident in Geno. If Geno’s healthy, then Geno Smith will start,” Ryan said. “I’m not gonna replace him. I feel good about Geno, and, again, I think he’s gonna get it turned. He’€™s a tough, resilient young man, and I think we’re gonna win.”

Fans were chanting “We want Vick” throughout the game as Smith and the offense struggled to move the ball. While Smith has clearly made some mistakes, it’s hard to put everything on him. Ryan specifically mentioned that the entire offense is to blame for their lack of production.

“If it was just him making mistakes and all that type of stuff, then we might have a different solution there. But I don’t believe it rests on one man,” Ryan said.

Smith finished the Sunday’s game completing 17 of 33 attempts for 209 yards, one touchdown and an interception. Even though Smith has the support of his head coach, he’ll have to put together some convincing performances in the next few weeks or the calls for Vick to start are going to keep coming.

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