Matt Flynn This Years “Most Dangerous” Free Agent


In todays “Monday Morning Quaterback,” Peter King of reports that an unnamed NFL GM referred to Packer QB Matt Flynn as “the most dangerous player in free agency.

The Packers need two teams to compete for him, said the GM. “If not, he’s not going to get anything close to real value for him. I think it’s too risky to franchise him. His resume’s just not that strong.

Flynn has only started two NFL games in career so the body of work to base a critical decision on is rather limited. Still, Flynn has managed to put up some unbelievable stats against to two quality opponents. He was a completion percentage of 68% to go along with 731 yards passing, nine touchdowns and two interceptions.

King still believes that Flynn will draw interest from the Dolphins and Seahawks.

pixy Matt Flynn This Years "Most Dangerous" Free Agent

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